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Student Showcase

Each year, the Richter Center Student Leaders host the Service-Learning Showcase (fall and spring semesters) and the Community Service Showcase (spring semester). The two showcases celebrate Fresno State students and their commitment to service. 

The Fall 2021 Service-Learning Showcase will take place virtually the week of December 6, 2021.  Student submissions to present will be accepted October 11 - Novemberl 21, 2021 at  

Download the Call for Submissions document for more details about the showcase and how to submit.

New this year!

  • Virtual drop-in/informational sessions will be offered during the submission window for students with questions or needing individualized support. Register for a session by visiting Available sessions:
    • Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 2:00 PM via Zoom
    • Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 3:00 PM via Zoom
    • Friday, November 19, 2021 at 10:00 AM via Zoom
    • Not able to make a session? View this video on YouTube with tips and resources. 
  • We've prepared three poster templates that you can download and customize with your own content. Utilizing a template is optional and not required. All templates are PowerPoint files.

Congratulations to our Spring 2021 Community Service and Service-Learning Showcase Award Winners!

Best Reflection

  • Chesslyn Ernst for "The Necessity of Motivation"
  • Katherine Yturralde for "Promoting Digital Literacy with The kNOw Youth Media"

People's Choice Award

  • Lilliana Alvarez for "Literacy Mentor/ENP Intern"
  • Teresa Magana for "Project Assistant"

The Spring 2021 Community Service and Service-Learning Showcase

Presentation Title and Abstract Presenter(s)

Media Literacy and the kNOw

The kNOw is an organization that places value on youth and the experiences and opinions they want to express about the things they deem important in their community. Through writing articles, podcasts, and art the youth are encouraged to advocate for change or awareness to certain topics. 

Adriana Miller

The Bulldog Pantry

The Bulldog Pantry has been around since November 2007, it was initiated by Fresno State students, staff members, and Lutheran Campus Ministry of Fresno. Since they had concerns about people with food insecurities in the community, they began this amazing organization to help those families in need. The organization is run by many students from the university. The primary duties are to help organize the food bags, unload and distribute the food boxes, and make ourselves available.

Adriana Tremillo

Jumpstart Team Zebra

Our Jumpstart team has been creating videos on Zoom that consist of reading new books every week and introducing new academic vocabulary words to children in the Fresno area. We create several activities per week that allow children to comprehend the story as well as revisit the vocabulary words. These activities consist of a writing, art, puzzles, and dramatic play activities. If everyone on the team meets this goal, we will have served around 1200 hours.

Aileen Salazar, Noemi Lopez, Lori Haye, and Katherine Negrillo

Children with Diabetes in Downtown Madera

The community that we served was the diabetic pediatric population in Downtown Madera. We completed a community assessment and found the poverty of healthy food options, as well as a lack of physical resources such as sidewalks and parks. We surveyed the area and spoke to the people in the area. 

Aimee Pantoja, Lanette Ramirez, Karla Hernandez, Alondra Nunez, Cynthia Baragan, Randi Scott

Becoming a Legislative Intern for the Maddy Institute and The City of Madera 

My Internship with the Maddy Institute at the City of Madera, taught me how to analyze and discuss political policy that will affect thousands of people. I began this internship in Spring 2021 not knowing what I would accomplish, and how much I would enjoy it. The City of Madera is a local government made up of one mayor, and 6 council members. Through the city council laws are put in place that affect everyday life such as road repair, to what you may not expect such as pet breeding. 


Alison Garibay

Virtual Wellness and Career Exploration at Community Housing Works

In the Spring 2021 semester three counseling students from different specialties volunteered 15 hours of community service to Community Housing Works (CHW) in Fresno California. CHW works to provide services to low income residents. Volunteers provided psychoeducational workshops to residents and staff on topics such as mental health and wellness, college and career development, and an exploration of local resources. Volunteers helped residents identify resources to help reach their goals. 

Alyssa Larios, Josean Rodriguez, Erick Corona

Art of Life Cancer Foundation

To maintain the Art of Life Cancer Foundation Healing Garden located in Woodward Park and to help plan events like Garden Beautifications and the Drive Thru Feastival in May.

Amanda Mallory

Acts Of Kindness

 A-OKs is a program that focuses on small outside beautification projects, which includes landscaping, window washing, painting, small repairs, gutter cleaning, trash pickup, and more for homeowners who struggle to maintain the exterior of their homes to reclaim their homes with pride and dignity and regain a sense of ownership. We were able to assist in tasks beyond the project themselves; including set-up and tear down, warehouse organization, and administrative work for emergency deliveries 

America Vazquez Guerrero, Cristiana Gonzalez

SPED Tutoring

I completed my service with the Sanger High School Special Education department. The class was half online and half in-class and I served as a tutor for the students who were in the classroom. I would help the students with any assignments they were having trouble with or if they wanted to check if something was correct. I would usually take one student at a time so I could focus on one of them and whatever they needed. 

Andrew Mendoza

Every Neighborhood Partnership

I am apart of Scholars in Service and the organization I completed my hours with was Every Neighborhood Partnership. With this organization I did in person volunteering as well as online. At the learning hub we made sure the kids interact with each other nicely and follow the rules. We also do team building games with them as well as making sure they are understanding what they are learning in school. With online tutoring we go over the alphabet and sight words with the kids.

Avneet Johal

Journalism for Youth Media Literacy Skills and Civic Engagement

"The Know" is a community organization where youth have the opportunity to participate in journalism, by creating content and becoming an advocate for their own rights as well as those of their community members. The website is where much of the content is posted. I am enrolled in English 132S. My role with the organization was to serve as an editor/support for the youth participating. I examined the ability of journalism to facilitate the development of media literacy skills and civic engagement. 

Brooklyn Haley

Clovis Unified Preschool

I did my service hours at Gettysburg Elementary preschool class. I am enrolled in the Community service 101 class at Fresno State. My work consisted of assisting the teacher with activities, helping her prep the classroom and also prep for the upcoming weeks. I also helped out by delivering school work to the students that their parents decided they would be in school online only. 

Cecilia Maldonado

Yoga for Mindfulnes

I am currently enrolled in COUN 270 where we have to commit to 15 hours of service learning. I used yoga because it worked for myself and I thought it would be great for teenagers to help cope with anger. I coupled yoga with mindfulness techniques that include breathing and centering oneself. 


Chanel Levi

The Necessity of Motivation

For my service work in my ENG 132S course at Fresno State, I had the privilege of working with the Fresno County Literacy Services. My service project analyzes how a student's motivation and reasons to learn a second language affects how successfully they acquire it. While working with my learners, I get to see why they are in my courses, how much progress they are making each week, and whether or not their reasons for learning English is acting as further support in their educational journey.

Chesslyn Ernst

Literacy Mentor and Learning Hub Volunteer

Every neighborhood partnership (ENP) was founded in 2008 because volunteers from the community noticed their students test scores were low and the percentage of families living below the poverty line was more than most communities. ENP helps the community, family, and students with the help of volunteers from churches, schools, and from people willing to help. The goals is to connect volunteers to the community to make sure schools are supported, children excel, families are healthy and whole.

Cyenna Garrett

Making Birdhouses: A Kid Friendly Craft Activity at Live Again Fresno

We are enrolled in COUN 270: Advanced Counseling Theories.  Our service learning experience is taking place at Live Again Fresno, a non-profit organization that provides an after-school program, a mobile food service program, and a Parent Partners program to the children and families living in motels along Parkway Drive. We plan on making birdhouses with the children to serve as a fun and skill-building activity.

David Parke, Krysten Ortiz

Family Story Time

The program is not just one program, it is alike a branch expanding into smaller roots. Like tree has the main bark and while it grows into smaller branches for more flourishing. That is how the Fresno County Public Library works. They are the support for the community. The staff welcomes any family members or individual. I specifically worked with one group and my group focused on Family Story Time. The purpose of the group is to help any family member with literacy. 

Emely Campos

Picture Literacy Dynamic

The Fresno County Library Literacy Service provides free literacy services to individuals and families. They focus on group literacy, family literacy and conversation circles. My service project was to tutor a small group of adults in reading and making their own comics. We are reading the graphic novel, The Best We Could Do, by Thi Bui and incorporating literacy exercises to help them be familiar with reading, writing and story telling. 


Emily Saeteurn

A (Virtual) Year in Jumpstart Team Chicken

We have served our community through a program called Jumpstart, which helps prepare underserved preschool children for kindergarten. All Jumpstart members are enrolled in the course COMS 101, and we learn how to help children improve on their learning skills, and we also learn how to be culturally competent. Although we did not get the chance to serve in-person this year, we were able to serve virtually by creating session videos and a website. 


Erica Gilmer, Veronica Abundis, Darien Andrade, Dimitri Hernandez, Beatriz Rodrigues-Urias

Jumpstart Team Walrus

Team Walrus, an integral part of Fresno State's Jumpstart program, proudly served Stone Soup Preschool. This team consisted of team members Gabby, Ger, Aika, and Selena. They empowered the children's lives by serving them, alongside their preschools teachers.


Gabriela Lemus, Ger Yang, Aika Hauw, Selena Aguilera

Akali Fauj Gatka Fresno Bringing you the basics of Gatka, a Sikh Martial Art

The community benefit organization that I served with is called the Akali Fauj Gatka Gurudwara Gur Nanak Parkash organization. This organization focuses on teaching the Sikh Martial Art, Gatka and doing selfless service, Seva. I have always been part of this organization, but I started documenting my hours and time due to my COMS 101 class. My agency teaches Gatka to all age groups and even with the covid 19 pandemic, we still continued to go over our practices through zoom and in person.

Gurvir Singh

Literacy Mentoring for Children 

Every Neighborhood Partnership mission is to connect local partners to elementary schools in order for local community help to be involved within our neighborhoods. That entails assisting with local food drives, mentoring K-3rd graders in literacy assistance, attending trainings to be more aware of struggles children face (especially during the pandemic) when it comes to learning.

Hazel Alvarado

Getting to Know Your Students Better: How Identities Enhance Literacy Development

I worked with The Know Youth Media for my service-learning project, which I completed for ENGL 132S. I was a tutor that provided editorial assistance for young journalists before they published their articles. My tasks included brainstorming, grammatical advice, and giving students potential audience feedback. As for the issues that were being addressed, it was to help make literacy learning inviting and less intimidating for adolescent literacy learners.

Janette Lopez Villalobos

My Service Learning Experience at West Fresno Elementary School

I did my service with West Fresno Elementary School where I served as an Academic tutor. I was partnered with this site through the Scholars in Service program. My main focus at this site was tutoring students who were struggling academically due to online distance learning. Many of the students I tutored had been doing well in school prior to COVID but had a hard time adapting to classes being virtual. I helped students understand course material and connected them with other academic resources.

Jasmine Khan

DMV Test Study Group

I volunteered at the Fresno County Public Library with the literary service program while enrolled in English 132S. Our service project involved reviewing the DMV Drivers Handbook with participants in a 6 week program. 

Javier Yanez Rivera

SIS Poster

I volunteered with Thrift on Blackstone through Scholars in Service. My day-to-day activities included being upfront at the counter, managing customers, keeping the floor presentable, and displaying merchandise.  

Josceline Dominguez

Scholarly Learning: Aiding Elementary School Students for Success

At the Washington Unified School District, my service is helping faculty and students in having a better and ethical environment with online learning at West Fresno. I got to create flyers for CWP/Parent workshops, creating designs on the flyers about the monthly topic discussions. Now, I am meeting with students in second grade, and having to schedule with parents on tutoring sessions with the students. When tutoring, I would aid students on their math and reading skills. 

Juana Lozano

Promoting Digital Literacy with The kNOw Youth Media

For my service-learning project I had the pleasure of working with The kNOw Youth Media program, which promotes digital literacy and encourages young people to use their voice creatively through their work. I had the opportunity to offer office hours to consult with youth about their work and offer support by providing feedback. I was also able to attend weekly zoom meetings, which were inspiring and showed their dedication to continuing to promote literacy, even in a virtual environment. 

Katherine Yturralde

English For Anyone: Storytelling through Tenses

The community organization I am working with is the Fresno County Library for my service hours for English 132S. Within this project, one other student and I are co-teaching a 6-week course to teach ELLs present and past tense for the purpose of storytelling and analysis. Within this, we design a curriculum, teach a weekly class, find material, assign homework, provide assistance in and outside of class, and search for and provide additional resources for further knowledge and practice.

Kayla Mendoza

Service-Learning and Literacy in a Pandemic

My research for my service-learning course, ENGL 132S, focused on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and how service-learning has changed and adapted to its circumstances. I became curious about this topic after my own limited interaction with the staff and  youth writers of The kNOw organization where I did my hours as editing and youth support. Did the change in format prove to hinder learning outcomes, or did students find resiliency and success in their service-learning experiences?

Kim Vliem

Literacy Mentor/ENP Intern

Every Neighborhood Partnership is a non-profit organization that strives to partner with schools and neighboring churches to provide resources to the community. Partnership with schools allows the opportunity to offer literacy mentors to students, recreational activities, and school supplies to children in need. Partnership with churches allows for the resources of food drives, neighborhood development, and city-wide equipment to be offered to the community and families in need.

Lilliana Alvarez

Digital Impact in Communities

Through my journey with Scholars in Service (COMS 101) I have interned for over three years at Wesley United Methodist Church. Through my internship site, I have been able to meet incredible people that are continuously working hard to make the Fresno Community a better place for everyone. It has been a wonderful experience reflecting on my time there and the impact I have been able to make. I was able to reflect on the purpose of my site as well as the real like experiences I have been a part of.

Lizbeth Cortez Villa

Youth Journalism and The kNOw

I worked with The kNOw as part of my English 132S course as part of service-learning fueled research. I investigated the impact of youth journalism on literacy, and in doing so, assisted student writers in producing better published works and participated in the production of a Radio PSA. 

Marcos Chavez

Teaching Journalism to Secondary Students 

I worked with The kNOw Youth Media and the course I was enrolled in is ENGL 132s Rhetoric, Grammar, Writing instruction. My service project included helping the youth with their journalism and their writing pieces. This could be any part of the writing process from brainstorming to editing and proofreading. Along with my service hours, I was also researching the impact and benefit of teaching journalism to secondary students. 

Marissa Monroe

A Collaborative Community In the Age of COVID-19

Over the course of the past three academic semesters, I have had the privilege and opportunity of serving as the Scholar in Service for the Associated Students Incorporated’s (ASI) program leading the revitalization of the Fresno community. The latter program has been the result of student-led efforts dating back to 2008 that aimed to bring more community awareness, funding, and participation to address issues of crime and poverty in the neighborhoods of Sierra Madre and El-Dorado Park. 

Mark Abou Naoum

Creating Opportunities Within Electronic Learning

This project for English 132S showcases the research done on how teaching through electronic means creates opportunities for students to learn; this project also shows how teaching electronically can be utilized in the most effective manner. In addition, this poster shows the work done in association with the Fresno County Public Library. The role of the presenter as a DMV Written Test Study Group instructor is highlighted. 

Matthew Greenland

Family Storytelling & Making Connections

During the course of my service-learning class, ENGL 132S with Professor Mandaville, I got the pleasure of volunteering for the Fresno County Library and working with Deborah Bernal, Yer Vang, and worked with a classmate of mine Dyllon Chongtoua. I was involved with helping facilitate the Family Storytelling Program by playing Bingo with Hmong families, having families share family heirlooms and tell their story. This program helped families make connections and have deep conversations. 

Matty Hernandez

Kremen Spring Wellness Wednesdays

Kremen prepares educators, counselors and educational leaders who will make a positive difference. Thus, it is vital for the Kremen community of faculty, staff and students to focus on the mental, emotional and physical stability of its inner self and give attention to their personal wellness. Kremen Spring Wellness Wednesdays was created to get an intrinsic look at the Kremen community and identify ways to foster a culture of self-care. 

Mia Navarro

My Service-Learning with The KNOW

For my English 132S class, I decided to complete my service-learning with The kNOw Youth and media program which provides students the ability to reflect opinions, concerns, and comments of events occurring within the City of Fresno and surrounding areas The meetings are done via online and they inform the community through other platforms. I was also given the choice of aiding students within my own meeting hours.

Miriam Alcantar

Storytelling and Service-Learning

This poster identifies my role as a tutor for the Literacy Services provided by the Fresno County Library. It also highlights key elements and questions of my ongoing research on how storytelling can influence an English learner's literacy journey.

Sabrina Sandoval

Flu Shot Clinics at Madera Swap Meet

We are Fresno State Nursing students taking this Public Health course (NURS 141LS) at Madera County. We are serving the community by providing free flu shots, masks, and handouts on the importance of staying physically active. It has been a great experience to provide free flu shots at the Madera Swap meet because it is a very popular spot and we managed to vaccinate them in a safe way. For some, it was their first time getting the flu shot so we were happy to be able to provide that for them. 

Sandra Cervantes, Kristin Lopez, Allyson Saleen, Fabiola Langarica, Chastity Hernandez, Angelica Irineo 

Madera County Public Health Department - Flu Vaccine Clinic

Our group went out into the community to promote flu prevention and provide flu vaccinations to adults. 

  • Community we served: Madera 
  • Target population: Adults; 18 years of age
  • Locations of clinics: Madera Swap Meet and on a sidewalk within apartment neighborhood 
  • Total Hours: 15 Hours 
  • Total Vaccines Given: 220

Sara Yang, Ashley Haver, Mailor Lee, Lara Ngo, Allison Ramsey, and Christi Xiong

Serving at The Bulldog Pantry

The Bulldog Pantry is a student run community food pantry. We are dedicated to help assist community members by providing them each Saturday with food distribution. Sometimes, these distributions involve a mixture of food box pickups by standing in line or a display of choices our members are welcome to take. We provide our schedules and ways to contact and reach us. We also display other miscellaneous items our community members might need such as donated clothes and books. 

Sharity Ficher, Freddy Solis and Hermelinda Hernandez 

Teen Mom/Group Home

Counseling 270, Advanced Theories class is a master’s degree level course that provides Education for students in counseling training. The mission for this graduate university course partnered with Youth For Christ is to provide efficient and effective counseling services intervention for our youth. A duty to build rapport, trust, and counseling relationships with all youth served under the assigned group home and teen moms group. To guide, and educate our females on different available resources.

Sophia Ebenezer, Amanda Clark, Adrianna Moreno

Project Assistant

I completed my volunteer hours at Reading and Beyond. Their mission statement is to empower children and families to live productive lives. They do this by various programs. I aided in this mission by being a project assistant. I assisted on the LISTOS CA program in providing resources for California residents to be prepared for a natural disaster. I also help in the Emergency Rental Assistance program that aided individuals that struggled paying rent due to covid-19.


Teresa Magana

American Red Cross Preparedness Team 2021

I’m a part of the community outreach preparedness team where we promote education throughout the community to ensure family, friends, and neighbors fully understand what it takes to be Red Cross Ready and build community resiliency in the face of natural disasters. The 3 main services/activities that I completed are community outreach, sound the alarm, and the Pillowcase Project. 

Tri Tran

How Writing for Youth Media Contributes to Adolescent Autonomy

I wanted to ask the question: How does writing for a student centered youth media journal benefit the psychological development of youth writers and how does it contribute to autonomy in adolescence? For this project, I was an intern for The kNOw Youth Media and was able to witness firsthand students that wanted to share their ideas with their communities and develop a deeper understanding of themselves. 

Vanessa Gonzalez

English Aquisition and The Know

The purpose of the Know is to provide young people the literacy tools to give back to their community. In my English 132S course, our goal is to become aware of the literacy tools necessary to be prepared as educators. Working with the Know, I have been able to use the different literacy strategies to equip the young people as a part of the KNOW to give back to their communities. 

Victoria Baez-Torres

Crisis Text Line

I am enrolled in COMS 101 and the agency I volunteer with is Crisis Text Line. I am a counselor. CTL provides free text-based mental health support and crisis intervention 24/7 via their highly trained volunteers. As a volunteer we focus solely on our texter and their needs and give them as much support as we can. Our role is to help the texters go from their hot moment to a cooler calm, as well as guide them in coming up with a plan to stay safe. 

Zaina Shuaibi

Please direct questions to Mellissa Jessen-Hiser at