Faculty Spotlight!

Mohan Dangi, Associate Professor
Geography and City & Regional Planning

Dr Dangi

Dr. Mohan B. Dangi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and City & Regional Planning at Fresno State. He received PhD and MS in Geography and Environmental Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University, MSc in Environmental Science and Engineering with high honors and BSc in Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering with minor in Asian Studies and International Politics from the Colorado School of Mines, and AS in Physical Sciences with Valedictorian from Central Wyoming College. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in the state of Colorado. He has over twenty years of industry-academia-government-international consulting experience. During his career at Fresno State, he has received prestigious Fulbright Specialist Award and DISCOVERe and eScholar fellowships as an Associate Professor and Coleman Fellowship as an Assistant Professor. As a student, he was awarded Francois Fiessinger Fellowship while at the Johns Hopkins University; Mahendra Vidya Bhushan Gold Medal from the King of Nepal, Phi Beta Delta National Student of the Year Award, and American Meteorological Society Fellowship during his study at the Colorado School of Mines; and Trio Award at Central Wyoming College. He has been instrumental in promoting educational ties between the US universities and Nepal’s largest and oldest (central) academic institution, Tribhuvan University thus inking eight memorandum of understanding.

Dr. Dangi has established himself as a passionate teacher-scholar as exhibited by high level of research in solid waste discipline for which he is internationally known. His teaching is guided by this research. Within just a few years after coming to Fresno State, he designed and delivered seven different courses for Fresno State and the University of Wyoming, including two study abroad curricula. Among the courses he developed, three of them have already been cataloged at Fresno State and they include: GEOG 129- Environmental Impact Assessment, GEOG 133- Environmental Policy Management, and GEOG 134- Introduction to Environmental Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Dangi’s students have received numerous awards at Fresno State and beyond. Some of them include Standard Bearer at the College of Social Sciences, Most Outstanding Student awards at the Department of Geography and City & Regional Planning, and Best Poster Presentation awards at regional and global conferences. The achievements and accolades his students have received over time is a single most driving factor for Dr. Dangi’s motivation to continue to teach at the highest level. This is also echoed by some of his students below: 

“I have been honored to have completed three courses with Dr. Dangi, and they were among the best courses I have taken at CSUF [California State University, Fresno]. Geography 127, Global Environmental Change, was fascinating and I took a personal interest in working with Dr. Dangi on several problems contained within the course. Geography 128, Environmental Pollution was not only a follow-on to Geography 127, but a valuable precursor to my visit in Nepal and the work we did there for Geography 177T [Cultural Landscape and Environmental Change in the Himalayas], on the very issues described in G-128 [Geography 128]. In all of these, Dr. Dangi has been a leading light for all of us, inspiring us to do more than just pass the course. He has taught us to make these issues a vital part of our willingness to help solve the problems of society both here in the United States and in Nepal.” - Harold J. Gallagher, former student at Fresno State and current instructor at Reedley College.

“Dr. Dangi delivered his lectures on Basics of Solid Waste Engineering which is one of the fastest growing environmental problems in the cities of Nepal. The module and methods used by him during lectures were innovative, illustrative and easy to be grabbed by the students. I was fascinated by his skill to scientifically look at and raise the pertinent issue in the environment. Listening to his lecture delivery in class, I sometimes used to spare my time thinking he was born to be a teacher. Since his lecture, I began thinking the similar way and built my interest in solid waste, one of the major environmental issues, yet not looked upon with keen priority by scientific communities in Nepal… To sum up, Dr. Mohan B. Dangi is an extremely successful researcher who has already reached world-class prominence in the field of his expertise. He is also a conscientious human being and a gifted teacher.” - Saroj Adhikari, former student in Tribhuvan University, Nepal and current PhD student in Taiwan.

"The courses that I took at Fresno State that have had the most significant positive impact on my career were Environmental Pollution, and the Topics class on the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), both taught by Dr. Dangi. As I now work as California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) practitioner, what I learned from Dr. Dangi in those classes has been directly relevant and applicable to my career. In fact, had I not chosen to take those classes, or had Dr. Dangi not been such an effective instructor, I would not have been qualified for my current, wonderful job. My personal success in my career over the last four years is directly attributable to my having taken classes from, and engaged in research with, Dr. Dangi.” - Nicole Hoke, former student and Associate Planner at ODELL Planning & Research, Inc. 

Dr Dangi and studentsDr. Dangi and his Nepalese colleague Dr. Basant Giri conduct experiential classroom for Fresno State students in the Himalayas.

Dr. Dangi, a Visiting Professor, both at the University of Wyoming and Tribhuvan University, Nepal, is always looking for ways to improve his pedagogy. As an eScholar at Fresno State, Dr. Dangi developed an online curriculum for his GEOG 128- Environmental Pollution course in 2017. As an upper division general education course, GEOG 128 has been very popular among students and especially with online delivery the course fills up quickly with students often in wait list. To upgrade and enhance online delivery, Dr. Dangi works very closely with University Instructional Designers (IDs) at Center for Faculty Excellence in Fresno State.