Strategies for Successful HyFlex Implementation

In most ways, teaching a Hyflex class is no different than teaching any other class. The experience of those who have taught Hyflex classes does suggest that some strategies help to create a more successful learning environment in Hyflex classes. These strategies have proven helpful: 

  1. Ensure that all students have taken the Canvas Student Orientation course.

  2. Make certain that you have started all needed technologies and software before beginning the class.
    1. Start the web camera. 
    2. Start the microphone. 
    3. Start the recording process in Zoom. (Students will generally remind you if you forget to start the camera or microphone, but some instructors have found themselves needing to re-record a class, because they forgot to start the recording process.) 
  3. Maintain your high standards and hold all students to that same high standard. 

  4. Enter deadlines for all deliverables (assignments, examinations, etc.) in the Course Calendar in Canvas and habituate your students to check the calendar for deadlines. 
    1. If students email or otherwise ask about deadlines, direct them to the calendar or check the course syllabus for the answer. 
    2. Students with mobile devices can download the Canvas Student app onto their device and receive automatic updates when an item is changed, or a new item posted. 
  5. Have some graded deliverable the very first week of class to encourage students to check in early and regularly to the class.

  6. Conduct the class as you would normally – whether you have a full room or only a few students in the room. 

  7. Check the Chat window in Zoom regularly. Your synchronous students will frequently use this forum to ask questions or make comments during class. Students use this function frequently throughout the class meeting. 

  8. Include the synchronous students in all classroom discussions and when asking questions of the class. 
    1. Consider using the Zoom Polling feature or iClicker REEF (the Fresno State support Student Response System)  
  9. If you plan to utilize Respondus Lockdown Browser or Monitor for exams, make sure you include instructions in your Canvas class about the process for students and include a practice exam before any exams the students will be responsible for. 

  10. To post the recorded class meeting, upload the recording from Zoom into Panopto (or follow these steps for the recording to come over automatically) and link or embed into that week's module or create a module for all Class Recordings. 

  11. Post the recorded class meeting in Canvas within 24 hours. Some of your more diligent students will try to keep current on lectures, and will email if they can’t find the recording.
  12. You can easily edit the class recordings in Panopto before posting them online.
    1. For more information and training on using Panopto, please review this Panopto module.
  13. Although you may not be able to require students to physically attend class, you can still count attendance for grading purposes, if you desire to do so. You will have a record of all students who are online during class in Zoom.
Adapted from: "WHAT TO EXPECT IN A HYFLEX COURSE: FACULTY HANDBOOK" by Texas A&M University is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0