Frequently Asked Questions     

1. Who coordinates the Chicano Latino Commencement Celebration (CLCC)?

The Chicano/Latino Commencement Celebration is under the Division of Academic Affairs. Dr. Victor Torres, Professor in Chicano & Latin American Studies, is the newly appointed Coordinator. In the spirit of collaboration and inclusiveness, Dr. Torres formed a committee comprised of faculty and staff representing different segments of the campus. (see home page for a list of committee members). The CLCC committee has also formed a partnership with the Latino/a Faculty and Staff Association to organize a memorable event.

2. Is this event a function of the Chicano & Latin American Studies Department (CLAS) and do I have to be a “CLAS major” to participate?

Although the CLCC will be organized out CLAS, it is a program under the Division of Academic Affairs.  It is open to ALL graduating Fresno State students.

3. Can non-Latinos participate?


4. Who is eligible to participate in CLCC? 

Any student who meets ONE of the following criteria:

  • Completed degree requirements in fall 2017
  • Has applied to graduate for spring 2018
  • Plans to complete all degree requirements in summer or fall 2018

5. I already submitted a university application to graduate. Does the university application and the $35 fee include participation in the CLCC?

No, you need to register separately to participate in the CLCC. 

6. How will my name be read during the program? 

Your name will be read exactly as you entered it when you registered via your student portal and it will be limited to your first and last name and that of your parent(s). 

7. How will my name appear in the CLCC program?

Your name will appear exactly as you entered it when you registered via your student portal. If you have more than one last name, the database will automatically drop the second last name. 

8. Why does the registration ask for my degree and major?

This information is important because, if you submitted your participation form and paid the fee before the deadline, it allows us to list you in the CLCC program under the proper College and major.  

MASTER/GRADUATE STUDENTS - IMPORTANT:   Please note when filling out the application in the Major Selection you will select "Division of Graduate Studies."

9. What is my participation fee used for?

The participation fee is used to cover costs associated with the ceremony, e.g., rental of the Save Mart Center. See Graduate Instructions #1.

10. How many guests can I invite and is there a fee?

Admission to the celebration is FREE and graduates may invite as many guests as they wish. Parking around the Save Mart Center is free. To guarantee that your family shares this special moment, it is IMPORTANT that they show up early (after 4:30 pm). Last year, we reached capacity and people were not allowed entrance.

11. What is a sash?

Since 1976, each participating student receives the official CLCC graduation sash, which represents the student's bi- or multi-culturality (as Chicano or Latino Americans) and pays tribute to their or their parents' cultural origins.

12. I am not of Mexican origin, which sash will I get?

Students are able to choose the colors of their or their parents' Latin American heritage, for example, Colombian, Puerto Rican, El Salvadorian.


13. Can I wear my honor cords at the CLCC?


14. What if I miss the registration deadline?

You may be able to register after the deadline. However, there will be a late fee of $10.00. Since you are registering after the deadline, your name will not appear in the CLCC written program. All students who paid the fee, regardless of the time they registered, will have their name READ at the ceremony.

15. Do I have to attend the one mandatory rehearsal at Save Mart Center? 

Yes, a practice session has been scheduled for all CLCC participants. Rehearsal will be from 4:30 - 6 pm.

If you will not be able to attend, due to a final exam, it is your responsibility to contact someone who is attending the rehearsal to get an update or you can stop by after your final.  

16.  If I am a dual major, which major should I list?

You should list your primary major. Your name will only appear in the CLCC written program if you apply before the application deadline.

17. Will I receive official 'approval' to participate in the commencement?


18. Can I get my application fee back if I am no longer able to attend commencement?

No, the $35 application fee is a non-refundable fee. 

19. Am I allowed to bring banners, signs, etc?

Students, Staff, Faculty are NOT allowed to bring banners, signs, balloons, etc onto the Save Mart Center floor as those items may be distracting to fellow participants. As participants in the Chicano/Latino Commencement Celebration, you agree to comply with these expectations. Your guests in the stands are able to bring signs to show their support for your accomplishments. 

20. Who do I contact if I have questions?

Questions can be directed to