Four-Year Scholars Program

As part of The California Promise Program, the Four-Year Scholars is a pledge between you and Fresno State to ensure you graduate with a baccalaureate degree in four years...



Fresno State is committed to helping you graduate in four years, saving you thousands of dollars in tuition and college costs. What makes our program stand out among similar programs in the nation is our three possible entry points into the program:

1. Incoming First-Time Freshmen
2. Second-Semester Freshmen 
3. Continuing First-Semester Sophomores

The Four-Year Scholars Program has been a service offered to Fresno State students since 2004.


The national student loan debt has surpassed the trillion-dollar mark, which is higher than Americans' total credit card debt and auto loan debt combined. Students and parents will spend an extra $24,061* for each additional year at a public four-year college.

According to a recent report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the college graduating class of 2014 "earned median starting salaries of $45,478."

Together, students face a potential loss of $69,539 for each additional year in college.

Fresno State is dedicated to helping more students earn their degrees and graduate in four years through programs like the Four-Year Scholars, reducing their educational expenses and launching them to their careers or graduate studies.

The Four-Year Scholars Program provides students with:

  • Highest-Level Priority Registration
  • Personalized Academic Plan 
  • Specialized Advising Each Semester to Ensure Students Stay on Track
  • Personalized Research Assistance from a Designated Librarian: 
  • Eligibility for Parking Fee Waiver/Kennel Bookstore Voucher (eligibility will be reviewed each semester) **

For more information about the Four-Year Scholars Program, please contact the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies: 278-4468.

 * Figures represent a national average of total college costs for 2015-2016 at a public four-year institution as provided by

** If the student has maintained good academic standing in the program (passed all courses required by the university and his or her program requirements) at the end of the first academic year, the student may be eligible for a parking fee waiver or Kennel Bookstore voucher for the following academic semester. This eligibility will be reviewed each semester afterwards.