External Grants

The Henry Madden Library and the Foundation Center's Funding Information Network is made up by a group of libraries, community foundations, and other nonprofit resource centers that can be found across the U.S. and around the world. Network partners provide a core collection of Foundation Center publications and a variety of supplementary materials and services in areas useful to grant-seekers. These grants are available to students, faculty, staff, and the community. For more information contact Britt Foster at 559.278.5805.

External Scholarships

After applying for financial aid, looking at the scholarships offered through the university, and department funding opportunities students should seek out other opportunities offered through local non profits, clubs, and businesses. There are also several websites that list scholarships, thus doing a general web search may also yield potential scholarships. 

Employer Funding

Don't forget to also check with your employer, many employers often offer tuition reimbursements or other types of assistance. However, some companies will only offer financial support if the employee is seeking a degree closely related to the industry. Some employers also ask for a commitment to work for the company for a specific period of time. Never the less, it is an opportunity worth seeking out. 


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