Meet our Graduate Student Ambassadors

These graduate students are considered "ambassadors" in their graduate degree program.  This is a student who might lead through their character, integrity, and ability to inspire others.



Agricultural Science: Jacob Vazquez

Art: Sovannory (Nory) Setha

Biology: Fatima Hidalgo

Biotechnology: Sosse Kendoyan

Chemistry: Candice Courtney

Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling: Julayne Jorge

Criminology: Filomena DaSilva

Curriculum and Instruction: Stephanie Thiel

Early Childhood Education: Brooke Berrios

Educational Leadership: David Garza

Educational Leadership (Doctoral Program): Robert Pimentel

English: Megan Evans

MFA (Fine Arts): Matthew Kenerly

Geology: Magaly Perez

Higher Education Administration and Leadership (HEAL): Camerina Morales

History: Savannah Nakamura

Industrial Technology: William Pearson

Kinesiology: Stephanie Lee

Linguistics: Zachary Metzler

Mathematics:Antonia Yeung

Mulitlingual/Multicultural Education: Patricia Bloodgood

Music: Lim Forgey

Physical Therapy (Doctoral Program): Joseph Terrill

Plant Science: Anthony Mele

Psychology: Alexandra Nottbohm

Public Health: Elsa Villagomez

Reading and Language Arts: Kathleen Gliannandrea

School Pyschology: Yaime Farias

Spanish: Maria Madrigal Piceno

Special Education: Rebecca Pings


Biology: Evelin Munoz

Biotechnology: Braden Cardoza

Business (MBA): Katie Reilly

Chemistry: Candice Courtney

Chemistry: Quang Le

Civil Engineering: Jacob Lopez

Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling: Jessica Raygoza

Criminology: Jennifer Snell

Curriculum and Instruction: Jennifer Click

Educational Leadership: Kim Bowman

English: Angel Garduno

Early Childhood Education: Concepcion Garzon

Geology: Marcus Pacheco

Higher Education Administration and Leadership (HEAL): Erica Castanon

Industrial Technology: Prashant Dadas

Kinesiology: Robert Leija

Linguistics: John Simonian

Mathematics: Erica Sawyer

Music: Ashly Trembley

Physical Therapy (Doctoral Program): Karissa DeRousseau

Plant Science: Josue Dias

Psychology: Andrea Wiemann

Public Health: Mark Reece

Reading and Language Arts: Nicolet Diaz

School Psychology: April de la Cruz

Spanish: Maria Cristina Vasquez

Special Education: Kenneth Hortizuela

Speech/Language Pathology: Morgan Barker



Art: Carolyn Zutler

Carolyn Zutler has been an excellent graduate student, life-long learner, and role model for other students in my seminar, regardless of massive challenges in her life. Her GPA is perfect (4.0). For community service, she was project manager for three semesters on the Fresno City College and Fresno State collaborative mural that was painted on a 250+ foot long wall at Lafayette Park by more than 60 students, faculty, and community members. She will be an exemplary ambassador who inspires many.

- Stephanie Ryan

Biology: Jason Thomas

Jason Thomas, a first-generation college student, has a perfect GPA of 4.0 and has excelled in a microbiology research lab – 4 published papers and 7 conference presentations. Jason has been actively helpful to fellow students. Jason is married with children and understands the challenges associated with balancing research and family.

 - Hwan Youn

Biotechnology: Dawn James

Dawn exemplified the outsomes we hope for our students: developing professional skills, contributing quality science to the Biotechnology field, and helping build community within our program. 

- Jason Bush

Chemistry: Christopher Dillon

Chris is a true leader who embodies the most important qualities in sciences: curiosity, integrity, and persistence. By holding himself to the highest standards he is an inspiration to me and other students in the lab (Thesis Advisor: Dr. Hubert Muchalski).

- Krish Krishnan

Civil Engineering: Gabriela Bonilla

Gabriela’s interest in the sciences led her to pursue a career in engineering with the expectation that her future actions must produce vital benefits for society. Her research topic explores the benefits of using shallow subsurface systems to provide efficient groundwater recharge without impacting agricultural practices, water quality, and land resources. 

 - William Wright

Curriculum and Instruction: Lauren Twohey

Lauren Twohey is passionate about empowering and networking fellow middle grades science teachers, particularly those who teach in professionally isolated areas. In partnership with the Henry Madden Library, Kremen School, and CSM faculty, she conceptualized/delivered a 2-day STEM workshop and developed a website containing regional resources for science teachers:

- Carol Fry Bohlin

Early Childhood Education: Andrea Cervantes

Andrea Cervantes undertakes substantive projects that helps connect our program to the broader ECE community. She contributed to our program by serving as President of the ECE Club where she also mentored undergraduate students. I see an authentic leader in Andrea who will continue to make a deep impact in her community. 

- Heather L. Horsley, PhD

Electrical and Computer Engineering: Calvin Smith

Calvin is a high achiever, academically and socially. He is considered among the very top of his class. The faculty members also speak highly of his critical thinking skills. He is a very good communicator and he speaks highly of the value of graduate education. He certainly can be a role model for other students in the program. In addition to excelling in his education, Calvin also has field experiences that make him a well-rounded individual with a mature outlook. 

- Nagy Bengiamin

Fine Arts (MFA): Anthony Cody

Former U.S. Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera, says Anthony Cody, 2020 MFA Dean’s Medal Nominee, “is a groundbreaking artist of the 21st century.” His first book, Borderland Apocrypha, won the 2018 Omnidawn Open Book Award; his thesis, The Rendering, incorporates voice sculptures, photographs, climate change research and Dust Bowl narratives.

 - Steven Church

Geology: Amalie Larsen Van Vleet

Ms. Larsen is an outstanding student and teaching assistant, informally volunteers her time and energy for Dept needs, and demonstrates 99th percentile positivity & can-do mentality. Her degree is a direction change into a geology career from her theater arts background, accomplished while co-raising a family of three. Her skills in performance have made her a dynamic teaching assistant, a superlative communicator, and lend themselves well to selection as the EES Outstanding Student Ambassador.

- Christopher J. Pluhar

Higher Education Adminstration and Leadership (HEAL): Stephanie Alvarado

Stephanie is a kind and thoughtful leader in the classroom. She is also a consummate professional. We are impressed with her character and integrity. She offers important insights to her colleagues through the lens of her own experiences and leads by example in navigating complex issues. She is a wonderful representative and emerging leader in our field. 

- Varaxy Yi Borromeo

Industrial Technology: Saylee Kerure

Saylee has a perfect 4.0 GPA and she has been in the top 1% of many classes in the graduate program. Saylee is very dedicated and makes sincere effort to not only obtain good grades but also get a firm grasp and thorough understanding of the technical concepts and their practical significance. Saylee is truly a model student! 

- Arun Nambiar

Kinesiology: Alexandria Young

The Kinesiology Graduate Program chose Alexandria Young as she excelled as a student, Marketing Team member, Graduate Assistant, and emerged as an effective leader. She has a growth mindset, and has accomplished, and will continue to accomplish great things! 

- Jenelle Gilbert

Linguistics: Laiylaly Mandujano

Laiylaly Mandujano is conducting original research, including the documentation and preservation of Crow, an endangered north American Indian language, and the project of linguistic/science communications. She is also a teaching assistant for ESL classes at local adult schools. 

- Jidong Chen

Mathematics: Erica Sawyer

Erica is is one of our TAs. An out-of-state student, she was our 2019 graduate ambassador, and she also won our department’s outstanding TA award last year. She is currently doing research in Data Science, and has presented her work at various conferences.

- Oscar Vega

Music: Emily Johnson

It is our privilege to nominate Emily Johnson for Graduate Student Ambassador. Emily is currently in her fourth year of teaching in Clovis Unified School District and second semester of graduate study in music education. Emily’s M.A. project examines existing research and resources on string pedagogy, and includes the creation of a new method book specifically for beginning elementary string students.
- Donald Henriques, Program Coordinator

Multilingual Multicultural Education: Sandy Gonzalez

Sandy Gonzalez is our chosen Outstanding Student Ambassador for the master's program option, Multilingual Multicultural Education because of her strong dedication to the program and service to linguistically and culturally diverse learners. Sandy is self-determined, confident, intelligent, and equally, kind. As such, she is admired by her peers and others.

- Teresa Huerta

Nursing: Dianne Benigno

Dianne started her quest for higher education at California State University, Fresno, School of Nursing's Graduate Program (Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Family) in Summer 2018. Since her admission into the program, Dianne has been able to maintained her 4.0 GPA all along while continues to work as a Registered Nurse. Diane has been courteous and very respectful to her instructors and peers. She takes in constructive feedback with learning enthusiasm. 

- Dr. Kammi Sayaseng 

Physical Therapy (Doctoral Program): Myraelen Aguilar

Myra is the Physical Therapy program Student Ambassador representative for 2020. Myra is an excellent collaborator, demonstrates humility and compassion for others, and supports the program through mentorship and volunteerism. She embodies what this program and profession represents. Congratulations from the PT program! 

- Jennifer Roos

Plant Science: Simarjeet Singh

Simarjeet Singh is analyzing the spatial variability in soil salinity in an alfalfa salt tolerance variety trial which is a collaborative effort with the University of California, Davis. He is a highly capable researcher in the field and laboratory and is recognized as a kind and pleasant person, willing to help others in their research. Simarjeet came to Fresno State from the Punjab Agricultural University in India. 

- Sharon Benes

Pscyhology: Sarah Sirota

Sarah Sirota is one of our best and brightest graduate students. She developed her own creative idea for her master’s thesis research and was the first student in her cohort to complete and defend her thesis. Sarah was also an outstanding teacher for courses about methods and statistics. 

- Martin Shapiro

Psychology (ABA): Matisse Lovett

Matisse is an outstanding student who supports her fellow students and inspires others to do the same. She served as the ABA Club president and led the team to organize a very successful Fresno State ABA Conference. She has become an excellent clinician in her practicum role with Focused Behavioral Services, where she works with individuals with autism and their families, and is currently conducting her thesis on teaching humor comprehension and joke telling to children with autism.

- Marianne Jackson

Public Health: Cassie Valencia

Cassie Valencia has employed her skills as a health educator to help others improve their health status. She is often described as being "encouraging, helpful, and gracious to others" and is often used as an example on how to translate theory into practice in the field of public health. 

- Miguel A. Perez

Reading/Language Arts: Shereen Sawalha

Shereen Sawalha is a first year graduate student in the Reading/Language Arts MA in Education program. Shereen has a passion for learning and continues to develop her own teaching practice. As a classroom teacher, she is dedicated to supporting her students' literacy development. 

- Maria Goff

School Counseling: Cheechi Vang

Cheechi Vang embodies a strong school counselor identity. She is active within the program, having presented at conferences, and serves students in the K-12 setting. She is an active member of Chi Sigma Iota and volunteers at events. Cheechi was a peer consultant and assisted students in their practicum course.

- Dr. Dominiqua Griffin

School Psychology: Yesenia Sosa

Yesenia Sosa is currently interning in Kings Canyon Unified. She has received the Michael Herrera scholarship in recognition of her dedication to Spanish speaking students and families. She has presented at our national conference twice and at CCRS. Yesenia is a board member of the local school psychology affiliate, CVA-CASP. 

- Marilyn Wilson

Social Work: Jesica Uriostegui Pavon

Jesica was selected to represent Social Work because she exemplifies the values of Fresno State. Jesica fostered a sense of discovery with her passion for research. She embodies diversity through her inclusiveness towards others. Finally, she has served with distinction in her willingness to embrace bold ideas in her studies.

- Iran Barrera

Spanish: Teresita Trujillo de Magana

Having a large experience behind her as a teacher in her native Mexico, Teresita has been a very enthusiastic member of the Program since she started taking classes in Fall 2019. She has proved herself to be a very hard working and motivated member of the Program when organizing events and activities to promote culture in Spanish throughout campus. Teresita has collaborated with Revista Aztlán, the student club APCE, and the committee organizing the World Cultures Celebration event.

- Dr. Paula Sanmartín

Special Education: Chrystal Swart

Chrystal Swart defines dedication and service to others. She created a tech-based tool that greatly improved students' on-task behaviors and academic outcomes. With 10+ years of experience, Chrystal teaches upper elementary in Fresno Unified. She serves her community as a special education team lead, established a peer mentoring group, and distributes critically needed food, supplies, and smiles during the school closures amid the pandemic crisis.

- Sara Werner Juarez

Speech/Language Pathology: Marian Pagaduan

In addition to academic and clinical excellence, Marian demonstrates a positive attitude, leadership skills, professionalism, and a desire to serve others. As a Phillipino Immigrant who speaks several languages, she has excellent communication skills. Marian is a person of integrity who inspires others. She is a great representative for the department! 

 - Fran Pomaville

Student Affairs and College Counseling (SACC) Program: Aaliyah Marin

Aaliyah is a leader in our program and across campus. She holds various leadership roles that allow her to advocate for our program, SACC students, and address the needs of students at Fresno State. She is committed to serving others and always does so with a big smile.

- Dr. Soua Xiong