STRINGS - First Cohort

The first STRINGS cohort is made up by students from different academic backgrounds. This program is designed to to give them the necessary tools to help them succeed in their academic and professional careers.

     Janeth Aleman Tovar     Shanice Anderson     Marienel  

     Janeth Aleman Tovar        Shanice Anderson              Marienel Basiga
     M.A. Special Education      M.A. Kinesiology                 M.S. Geology


     Miriam Ceballos     Erika Espino      Reagan Clark    

         Miriam Ceballos         Erika Garcia Espino                 Reagan Clark    
         M.S. Counseling                     M.B.A.                        M.A. Linguistics


      Anita Gonzalez    Michael Gonzalez    Sandy Ho

           Anita Gonzalez              Michael Gonzalez                   Sandy Ho
          M.S. Counseling             M.A. Psychology                M.S. Counseling


     Gabby     Jorge Mrnjivar      Cox Odia

        Gabriana King                  Jorge Menjivar                   Cox Odia
               M.P.A.                      M.A. Kinesiology                 M.A. History


     Estevan Parra     sonya pena     debbie

            Estevan Parra               Sonya Peña                 Debbie Sayachack
     M.A. Higher Education       M.S. Counseling                M.A. English
Administration & Leadership


      mai vang     Sue Vang     Gladys Villanueva    

         Mai Nhia Vang                      Sue Vang                  Gladys Villanueva
    M.A. Higher Education,                M.S.W.                     M.A. Education
Administration & Leadership