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Summer Camps



Kids Invent! Creative Activities stimulate the imagination of children by having them design and build projects which solve science and engineering problems, while developing presentation materials. Children learn to present their concepts, demonstrate their ideas, and think through the practical issues of design, performance, and functionality. All Kids Invent! Creative Activities emphasize important principles in math and science, while fostering the development of social skills that help children learn to collaborate in a variety of tasks.

The Kids Invent! approach to learning is an engaging and natural way for kids to learn math, science, invention, and the process of transforming abstract ideas into tangible things. Through the invention experience inherent in Kids Invent! Creative Activities, children are faced with practical problems which they learn to solve through observation, thinking, and experimentation. As part of that process, they also learn to use tools and materials, to manage time, and work with others.

Kids Invent! encourages children to continue applying their innovative talents long after the conclusion of the Creative Activity. Children take pleasure in seeing their own ideas and designs come to life, and are motivated to keep working on their inventions long after the activity is over.