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Kids Invent!

The Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Fresno State is pleased to offer Kids Invent! to Central Valley elementary schools. The Kids Invent! program stimulates the creativity of students through the application of science, math, engineering and English. Students explore unique problems of design and functionality and work in teams to solve them.

The Kids Invent! program is suited for students in 4-6 grade.  Our current curriculum consists of 36 individual activities, designed to provide students with a weekly, hands-on problem such as building a Straw Tower or creating a Propeller Car. A project-based, sixth-grade curriculum encourages student teams to work on a series of solutions, over the course of four weeks.

During each Kids Invent! Creative Activities students are presented with a practical problem which they solve through observation and experimentation. By completing these activities students learn to successfully use supplies, manage their time efficiently, and develop social skills through team collaboration. All Kids Invent! curricula align with the California Science  and Common Core State Standards and can be formatted for after school or summer camp uses.

In addition to a complete set of supplies, participants receive the following documents for each Kids Invent! Activity:

  1. Inventor’s Log  - allowing each student to record their problem-solving methods and brainstorm ways to improve their creation

  2. Creative Activity – a step-by-step instructional guide for administering the Activity

  3. Activity Protocols – a teacher-friendly, summarized how to for easy implementation

  4. Student Instructions – a helpful visual aid to guide students along the Activity

  5. Differentiation Suggestions – a set of universal accommodations which can be used in tandem with Individualized Education Programs and 504 Plans to ensure every student can participate in the program

A comprehensive web portal has been developed for teachers to access all of the previously mentioned documents, as well as helpful video clips (4-5 minutes) to accompany each Activity. Hosted by Kids Invent! co-creator, Dr. Ed Sobey, videos contain notes on safety precautions, troubleshooting and how each Activity demonstrates science, math, and engineering concepts.

This teacher-friendly program effectively conveys scientific principles while ensuring students have fun in the process.

"The program is so well organized it would change a teacher's perspective on teaching science.” - Jeanne White, fifth-grade teacher at Holland Elementary School

"100% engagement from the students...they love it!" –John Jackson, fifth-grade teacher at Vang Pao Elementary School

“The best stress-free way to learn science.” – Christina Corona, fifth-grade teacher at Thomas Elementary School

Learn how your school can partner with the Lyles Center to bring Kids Invent! to your classroom. Contact the Lyles Center at 559.278.3735.