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The Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Fresno State has created STEM 5, a science curriculum for 5th grade students. In the guidebooks there are STEM 5 characters Alexis and Miguel, and their friends, help guide students through exploring phenomenon in classroom based experiments. STEM 5 is fully aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), incorporates a modified 5E Educational Model, utilizes UDL (Universal Design for Learning) guidelines and meets State Math Standards.

STEM 5 uses numerous tools to help classrooms meet the new NGSS standards that is aligned to California Science Framework, which will better prepare our students for the CA Science Test (CAST). The program adheres to the following: user-friendliness, thoughtful organization, and careful instructions on lessons that utilize multiple modes of engagement.

In STEM 5, each bundle contains a conceptual background which includes the foundation and insight of each lesson. Each lesson has a summary and outcome objective for the students. The guidebooks provide protocols for each section where you will find what particular materials are needed, how to launch the section, helpful tips, and good to know segments. With each lesson students are provided with student instruction guides and an observation sheet document where students can write down their investigations.


Program Contact

Crystle Ruz