Publications and Professional Presentations

Hongtao Yue

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  • Yue, H., Hart, S., & Fiorentino, C. (2017, July). Service-Learning and Graduation: A Case Study of Assessing Long-Term Learning Outcomes of Education Programs Using Event History Analysis, presented at the 24th International Conference on Learning, July 21, 2017, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, USA
  • Giuffrida, T., & Yue, H. (2017, April). Supplemental Instruction (SI) dashboards and study at Fresno State, presented at CSU SI summit in April 21, 2017. This presentation was also briefed at AALT meeting in June 6, 2017. (available at request)
  • Yue, H., & Sanchez, A. (2015, November). Making a difference and how we know: A Longitudinal Analysis of Fall 2009 FTFTF Cohort Graduation at Fresno State, presented at the 40th CAIR Annual Conference, Nov 6, 2015. The study was also invited to present at Academic Affairs’ AALT meeting (Dec 15, 2015), Student Affairs’ DOSAEM Directors Meeting (Dec 16, 2015), and Fresno State’s Student Success Summit (Mar 2, 2016). (link)
  • Fu, X., & Yue, H. (2015, April). Time to Degree: A Myth Demystified, presented at WASC 2015 Academic Resource Conference (ARC), April 2015. (link)
  • Yue, H. (2014, May) Assessing the supplemental Instruction (SI) program: Who are most likely to participate and who would receive the maximum benefits? Presented in poster at 2014 AIR annual conference, Orlando, FL. (link) The detailed technical report is also available at
  • Yue, H. & Fu, X. (2013, May). Academic progress and time to degree: Evidence from event history analysis. Presented at the 2013 AIR Annual Conference, Long Beach, CA. (link)
  • Yue, H. & Bolas, J. (2011, November). Assessment of academic success course. Presented in poster at the 36th annual California Association for Institutional Research conference, Rohnert Park, CA. (link)

Christopher Hernandez

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