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  Projects and Teaching

Active Projects and Research

Past Projects and Research

Special Academic Programs: Sustainable Parks and Rec Community Initiative Program
Fresno State has launched "19 new courses as part of the Sustainable Parks and Recreation Community Initiative program, led by the Department of Recreation Administration at Fresno State. The program introduced a new partnership with the City of Fresno Department of Parks, After School, Recreation and Community Services (PARCS)." Check Out the article here.

Vivien Luo and Brad Hyatt: Tiny House Project
"By offering sustainable research and learning opportunities such as the Tiny House Project, Fresno State helps students gain an in-depth understanding of social, environmental and economic impacts surrounding human activity.

"This house is net-zero energy rated, meaning it will generate as much energy as it consumes," says Brad Hyatt, professor and chair of construction management in Fresno State's Lyles College of Engineering. "It also includes advanced wall framing to ensure better energy efficiency and solar panels to generate electricity.'" Check out the article here.

Nearly three dozen Fresno State faculty members have joined 2,344 California college professors who signed an open letter to President Donald Trump calling for sustained action on climate change and urging the president to honor the country's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as set forth in the Paris Climate Accord.

Sustainability Related Research at Fresno State
2017 2018 2019
  • Dozier 2017 State Water Efficiency and Enhancement SWEEP Technical
  • Dozier Biodico Zero Net Energy Farm
  • Dozier PG&E Energy Efficiency Program 2016-2017
  • Dozier Fresno County Sustainable Comminities Strategy
  • Canessa, P./Zoldoske, D. Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program VI
  • Canessa, P./Zoldoske, D. Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program VI Testers
  • Vang Using Polymer to Increase Water Use Efficiency
  • Vang/Green ARI Utilizing Real Time Plant Stress Indicator to Improve Water Use Efficiency in Almonds
  • Zoldoske Water and Energy Efficiency Round 4
  • Zoldoske/Pasha Improving Management of Ag Energy and Water Use Access
  • Zoldoske /Weddington Water and Energy Efficiency Round 4
  • Shrestha,A. ARI Effects of Shade and Soil Moisture Level on Efficiency
  • Luna, C. Clean Air Shuttle Program
  • Pasha/Yeasmin Closed Loop Water Management
  • Tawfik, A. Minimizing Negative Environmental Impacts, Time, and Cost of Buisness Commuters
  • Pash/Yeasmin ARI Integrated Management Model to Operate a Farm at Peak Efficiency
  • Reece The Ecological Impact of Dredging in Morro Bay
  • Reece Vulnerability Assessment of Georgia's Coastal Species
  • Wang, Luke (Zhi) RUI Measurement and Stimulation of Ground Cover Effects on Soil
  • Wang Investiagting Climate Vulnerability
  • Jacobsen, T Soil Column Study
  • Pasha, F./Yeasmin, D. ARI: An integrated Management Model to operate a Farm at Peak Efficiency
  • Goorahoo/Cassel Sharma, F. Research Protocol on Lettuce Growth and Water/Nutrient Management
  • Levi, A./Liang, J. Putting Phenotypic and Genotypic Tools to work for improving walnut rootstock
  • Jacobsen, T. Using Agricultural Waste to Reclaim Compromised Water for Food Production
  • Brar, G. Overcoming Citrus Nursery Growth Issues by Using Smart Lighting with Different Photoperiods
  • Cassel Sharma, F. Calculation of ON-Farm Crop Water Use Efficiency
  • Weinman, B. Building a Sustainable Community Culture on Campus
  • Brady, M./Mine, A. Investigating the Paleobiological and Environmental Consequences of the Paleocene‐Eocene Thermal Maximum in Continental Shelf Records
  • Wang, Chih‐Hao Investigating Climate Vulnerability
  • Nef, D./Herrera, I. Electric Vehicle Marketing and Uptake in Valley Shared Mobility Systems
  • Pheasant S. Transforming Almond and Pistachio Orchards into SGMA Compliance
  • Tarrant, K. Evaluation of welfare auditung approved environmental enrichment structures
  • Thompson, K. Ocean Farming Technologies to reduce methane emissions
  • Ashkan, S./Green S. Basin Cropping Patterns and Water Requirements for Groundwater Management
  • Ashkan/Sethuramasamyraja ARI: Development of Precision Variable Rate Irrigation Systems to Optimize Application of Water and Nutrients
  • Ashkan/Yadav ARI: Managing Deep Percolation in Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Green, S./Ashkan, S. Groundwater Banking in Almond Orchards
  • Green, W./Ashkan, S. ARI: Farm Water Management Toolkit to Help Accomplish Groundwater Sustainability Goals
  • Jacobsen, T. Water Use and Drought Resistance Test
  • Vang K. Long Term Saline Irrigation Strategies for Pistachios on PGI Rootstock
  • Vang K./Green W. Determination of Evapotranspiration and Crop Coefficient of Lemon Grass, Bitter Melon with a Lysimeter
  • Vang K./Green W. Ensuring the Future of Ca Ag Through Water Use Efficiency ‐ Specialty Crop Block Grant Program
  • Vang, K./ Lone, T./ Cassel-Sharma, F. ARI: The Organic Production of Agretti in Poor‐Quality Soils with Poor Quality Water
  • Vang, K./ Sargeant, G. Integrated Experiential Learning for Undergraduate Students in Food Energy Water Technology
  • Yeasmin, D./ Pasha F./ Green W. ARI: Water‐Smart Planning: A Satellite Imagery based Remote Sensing Approach to Evaluate Crop Water Status in California Orchards for Future Sustainability
  • Esqueda, T./ Qualle, C./ Liu, L Irrigation Flow Measurement Device Project
  • Esqueda, T. SJV Water Infrastructure Investment Strategy and Point‐of‐Entry Treatment System Program
  • Esqueda, T. Serbia Agricultural Irrigation Management
  • Esqueda, T. Training on Post‐Harvest Handling and Marketing ‐ Georgia
  • Bar/Lone ARI: Determination of Long Term Threshold for Using Saline Water on Pistachios
  • Benes, S Decision Support and Remote Sensing Tools for Salinity Management and Crop Yield
  • Sustainability at a Saline Drainage Water Reuse Site in the Western San Joaquin Valley
  • Sustainability for Forages Irrigated with Saline Water in the Western U.S.
  • Benes, S/ Brar, G. Determination of Long Term Threshold Limit Using Saline Water
  • Bushoven, J. Warm Season Turf grass Cultivar Evaluation Under Reduced Irrigation in Central California
  • Cassel Sharma ARI: Forage Yield and Quality Under Irrigation with Produced Waters
  • Cassel Sharma/Goorahoo ARI: Physiological Performance and Nutritional Quality of Forages Irrigated with Oilfield
  • Cassel Sharma Satellite Irrigation Management Support: Mapping of Crop Water Requirements through Integration of Satellite Observations and CIMIS Data
  • Cassel Sharma/Goorahoo Lysimetric Determination of ED Coefficients for Drip‐Irrigated Vegetables
  • Cassel Sharma/Goorahoo ARI: Crop Water Requirements for Onion Production in Semi‐Arid Climates
  • Goorahoo/Cassel Sharma ARI: BMP’s Irrigation and Nitrate with CSUMB
  • Pasha F./ Goorahoo D./ Jacobsen T./ Yeasmin D. Smart Farm: Cutting Edge Field‐Scale Technologies and Soil‐Water‐Plant Continuum Approach for the Optimum Use of Agricultural Water and Energy Pilot Study
  • Pasha, F./ Jacobsen, T. Green, S. AI Model for Estimating Crop Water Demand: An Artificial Intelligence Model to Improve Agricultural Water Use Efficiency Using Field, Plant, and Weather Data Case Study
  • Qualle, C. The Feasibility of Shallow Subsurface Artificial Groundwater Recharge in the San Luis Water District
  • Hansen A. Engineering Environmental Solutions (EES): Leveraging Professional Learning Communities to Improve NGSS‐aligned Engineering Education
  • Tarrant, K Evaluation of LTI water conversion technology in broiler chickens as measured by production traits.
  • Ashkan, S./Sethuramasamyraja, B. Pistachio Plant‐Based Irrigation Scheduling
  • Ashkan, S./Sethuramasamyraja, B./ Brar G. Crop Water Stress Index for Precision Irrigation Scheduling of Pistachio Trees
  • Canessa, P./ Green, W. Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program VII
  • Green, S./Ashkan, S. Developing a Formal Plan for Research as the Result of the Groundwater Management
  • Vang K./Green W. Development of Low Pressure and Low Flow Media Filtraton Systems
  • Yeasmin, D. ARI: Almond Water Stress and Yield Analysis
  • Gu, Sanliang ARI: Using Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics to Improve Water Use
  • Tawfik, A. Motor Mobile ‐ Low Carbon Fuel Investments
  • Tawfik, A. San Joaquin Valley Electric Tractor Development and Demonstration

Teaching Resources

  • Disciplinary Teaching Resources (DANS)
  • AASHE Curricular Hub
  • SERC Teaching Sustainability Resources (opensource)
  • SESYNC Interdisciplinary Case Studies and Research (opensource)
  • Climate Interactive Curricula
  • Bard University Teach-ins (link)
  • Energize Colleges (link)
  • AMS Climate and Weather Content (requires subscription)
  • High Impact Practices at Fresno State (CFE and OIE websites)

Facilities Management

  • Working towards zero waste (Follow us on Twitter)
  • Adding 200 trees to our Arboretum
  • Building a LEED-certified New Student Union
  • LED light replacements around campus (Twitter)
  • AASHE Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating Program Leads (STAR

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