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How YOU Can Be Sustainable


Not sure what goes in what waste bin?  Check out Fresno State's Recycling infographic to the right!


Taking your own bags to the grocery store is one of the easiest ways to integrated sustainability into your lifestyle!


If given the option choose glass containers over plastic ones. Glass containers use less resources and are easier to recycle and reuse.


Get a can crusher to crush aluminum cans. The crushed cans take up less space, which reduces the number of trips required to take them to the recycling plant.


Wrap those holiday presents in old newspaper or shopping bags instead of buying gift wrap from the store. Once the presents have been opened make sure to recycle the used papers.


To clean metal affected by rust or calcium deposits, use white vinegar instead of other harmful chemicals.


Use a glass or reusable water bottle at the water cooler instead of paper or plastic cups. 


Remember the BUDD rule: BUY only what you need, USE everything you buy, or DONATE leftovers, and DISPOSE of waste responsibly.


Be on the lookout for products made out of recycled steel, such as paperclips or gardening tools.


Don't use plastic bags at the grocery store, instead use reusable cloth or paper bags!


Every time you recycle a stack of newspapers a yard high, you save a tree from being chopped down.


Instead of buying bottled water, use one of the many water filling stations around campus!


Consider hand watering if you have a small garden area. Households that manually water with a hose typically use 33 percent less water outdoors than those that use an automatic irrigation system.


Turning the faucet off while you brush your teeth saves up to 10 quarts of water each time!


Save money and energy with a water-efficient showerhead which uses 40 percent less water.


Washing your clothes on warm instead of hot saves 30% more energy every year, and makes your clothes last longer!


Unplugging electronic equipment can cut your household electricity bill by 10%!


Don't peek in the oven while baking! Every time you peek, the temperature can drop 25 F, making your oven use more energy to bring the temperature back up.


Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to power a TV for three hours!


Every degree you turn your thermostat down in the winter can save you up to five percent on your energy bill. Bundle up and turn that thermostat down a couple degrees.


Next time you take a break at work or school, give your computer one as well. Set it to enter power-saving mode after 5 minutes (or less!) to reduce energy consumption.


Don't leave your cell phone charging overnight; it is bad for the battery and wastes energy!


Use rechargeable batteries to reduce cost and waste!


Turn your computer's screensaver to "blank" or off, to help conserve energy!


Don't forget to unplug your electronics when they aren't being used!


Look to use LED bulbs instead of fluorescent bulbs. They last ten times longer!


Skip the drive-through and go inside your favorite fast food place to lower CO2 emissions!


Just one person switching to a reusable water bottle keeps 2,580 balloons of CO2 out of the air per year.


After a long days work remember to shut your computer off for the night. Doing so keeps 1.9 tons of CO2 out of the air each year.


Turn off your engine if you are going to be stationary for more than 2 minutes. It reduces emissions and the wear on your car.


When mowing your lawn use an electric or manual push mower. Gas powered mowers can produce as much pollution as forty cars per hour!


Every four-mile trip on a bicycle instead of a car prevents around 15 pounds of air pollution!


Using your tumble dryer one less time per week can cut your CO2 emissions by 40 pounds per year! Hang your clothes on a line instead!


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