ATI Communities of Practice

What are ATI Communities of Practice?

The ATI Commuities of Practice website is located on the CSU Intranet and requires a valid campus or Chancellor's office employee users ID and password to access. Any CSU employee may view the page and its contents without signing up for the communities. 

Signing up for one or more community puts the user on the announcement list for that community only. This announcement system is used to send meeting agendas and other community related announcements from the CO ATI to the campus ATI Community members.

Access the CSU Intranet open to CSU employees only (Login required) Accessibility Documents Sharing Space (Accessibility Conformance Reports (VPAT), Accessibility Roadmaps, test results, and EEAAP etc.) to upload documents or review campus submissions.

How do I join a ATI Community of Practice?

CSU campus faculty, staff and administrators can join a community of practice related to their area(s) of interest by taking the following steps.

  1. If you have never logged into CSYou then you will need to navigate to you will be redirected to the CSYou Shibboleth login page
  2. Once here select your campus from the drop down menu and then sign in using your campus credentials.  
    • Note: Add to your trusted sites list in your browser to prevent the browser from blocking portions of the site
  3. Bookmark:  (you may be redirected to the Shibboleth login page if you are not currently logged in) or from
    • Select the Projects and Initiatives Tab
    • Select the Accessibility Technology Initiative
    • Select ATI SharePoint Site
  4. Select a community to join from the community buttons on the right side of the page.
  5. This will take you to the subscribe page
    • Note: You will see you do not have permission to view the membership of this group. This is only because you have not joined the group as of yet. Once you join the group, the members of the group will populate whenever you navigate to this page.
  6. From the Actions drop down menu select "Join group"
  7. Select "OK" to confirm that you would like to join the group