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Cart Safety

It is important if you are using a cart on campus to remember that this is a pedestrian campus and that pedestrians have the right of way.

Please drive cautiously and safely while on campus streets and sidewalks.

Each university department that operates powered carts must:

  1. Ensure all cart drivers are authorized to drive a university vehicle
  2. Provide all drivers with adequate training prior to operation
  3. Ensure each cart is mechanically safe to operate
  1. Authorized Drivers must be on the list maintained by the Office of Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Management, and:
  2. Training Program:
    • Non-Employees - Go through CART SAFETY GUIDELINES with a supervisor.  Documentation of training completion must be maintained by department.

    • Powered Cart Maintenance
    • Do not operate a cart that is not properly equipped or defective.
    • All carts must receive an annual safety inspection at the Ag Operations shop.
    • A written summary of inspection results will be kept in department files