Driving on University Business

Authorization to Drive on University Business

Authorization to Drive on University Business is a 3-part process.

  1. Complete the online Driving Authorization Process.  Log onto the MyFresnoState portal.  Left menu, click on "Forms Portfolio" > "Electronic Forms" > Under the 'University' subcategory, click on "Driving Authorization Process".
  2. Click here to take the Defensive Driving Fundamentals course.
  3. Click here to take the Powered Cart Safety course if you will be driving a golf cart/powered cart/gator.

In order to drive on state business you must have met all of the program requirements listed at the bottom of this page.  Meeting these requirements can be in part accomplished by utilizing the correct method below depending upon the applicant's employment status with the campus:

Faculty, Staff, Foundation and paid Student Assistants

  • Driving Authorization Process For State Employees Instruction Sheet
    Open and follow these detailed instructions above if you are paid faculty, staff, Foundation or a paid "student assistant."
    Note: Some research students, particularly those paid through research grants or stipends, are not eligible for this process; please call our office for clarification at 559 278-7422.
Non-State Employees, Non-paid students and Volunteers*                                                          
*ALL must be registered volunteers with Human Resources

Program Requirements

California State University, Fresno is self-insured only for auto liability insurance. This insurance is through the State agency called the Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) through the State Motor Vehicle Liability Self-Insurance Program (VELSIP).

There are specific requirements for driving on state business. The most significant are:

  • Must be a state employee or volunteer signed up through Human Resources (Job Class 0050)
  • Must have a valid California or other state driver's license of appropriate class for the type of vehicle being driven
  • Must participate in the DMV driving record pull notice program, and maintain a good driving record
  • Must have had Defensive Driving training within the last four years

Other requirements and procedures regarding driving on state business are stated in the Policy on Driving on University Business, Section G-14, and the CSU Use of University and Private Vehicles Guidebook.