Request Services - Work Control Center


The Work Control Center is the central service point for all repairs, maintenance, service requests, trouble calls and emergency repairs.


For emergency or other repairs which pose an immediate health, safety, or security risk, please call the Work Control Center immediately at (559)278-2373, do not submit a form.

If you are experiencing an emergency after hours please call University Police at (559)278-8400.

STATUS CHECKS: For Customer Service Request status checks, please contact the Work Control Center at and include Service Request or Work Order number (if known). Please do not submit another form/request.

For non-emergency service requests, you have two options:

  1. Fill out the Online Customer Service Request Form.
  2. For Urgent of Emergency needs during regular business hours, call Plant Operations - Work Control Center at (559) 278-2373

Please be aware, non-maintenance requests may result in a chargeback to the department. An authorization from the department or dean is require on all chargeback work. For the campus and Facilities Chargeback policy information, click here.

Filling out a Customer Service Request Form

  1. Complete all parts of the form clearly and completely. Incomplete Customer Service Request may delay processing of your request.
  2. Indicate whether an estimate is required prior to the work being performed.
  3. Submit the request as soon as possible to ensure ample time for planning, scheduling, and completing your request.
  4. If you have questions while completing a Customer Service Request, contact the Work Control Center and we will be happy to help.