Medical Leave of Absence

California State University, Fresno provides Faculty, Staff and Administrators (MPP) with the opportunity to apply for time away from work for medical reasons for self or for family care.

This leave process is intended to confirm current practice. If the provisions of this process conflicts with an applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement or legal agreement, the Collective Bargaining Agreement or legal agreement shall govern.

A medical leave of absence is defined as any absence for self or to care for an eligible family member in excess of five (5) workdays. A medical leave of absence may be full, partial (a reduced work schedule), or intermittent (non-consecutive full or partial days).

The Associate Vice President of Human Resources reviews all medical leave requests. Time off is approved in compliance with applicable Federal and State laws, relevant Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA), and Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.

It is the responsibility of every employee absent from work in excess of five (5) workdays to comply with the medical leave of absence process. Failure to comply with this process may result in a delay or ineligibility of leave program benefits.