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 How do I find out what jobs are available at Fresno State?

Job postings for vacant positions at Fresno State are available 24 hours a day at on any computer with Web access. Position vacancies found online include all faculty, managers, senior administrators, staff, and Athletic Corporation job openings. Current Employee and Students of Fresno State will also find graduate/teaching/ instructional student assistants vacancies which are limited to internal applicants only.

 How do I apply for a job at Fresno State?

You must first complete an online application at on any computer with internet access. When you view open positions for which you have an interest, you can apply by electronically attaching your resume, cover letter and/or other supporting materials to your application.

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 What materials will I need before I apply?

In addition to your resume, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your name, address and phone number. The Job posting will list what attachments are required.

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 What if I have problems logging in?

If you have forgotten your password or user name, click on the "login help" link. You will be prompted as to whether you have forgotten your "login user name" or "login password". You will select the appropriate box. You will then be sent an e-mail with the missing information.

 How soon will I hear something?

Applicants who have not met minimum requirements will usually be notified via email within a week after a position has been closed or after the review date has passed. Applicants who have met the minimum requirements will be evaluated by the hiring department. Hiring departments will contact applicants they wish to interview via a phone call and email.

Please understand that the review process takes time. Again, you will be contacted if the hiring department wishes to interview you. If you are not contacted, the hiring department has made a decision not to interview you. There may be a number of reasons, including withdrawing the position, organizational changes, other applicants who are better matched, etc. Applicants who have not been selected to fill the position will be sent an e-mail notifying them of their non-selection once a decision has been made.

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 Can I fax, mail or email my application and resume?

Unfortunately, we no longer accept applications via fax, mail or email. If you do not have access to a computer or web to apply for open positions, you may visit the Fresno State Human Resources (HR) Office and use their computer. In addition, the Henry Madden Library and Student Union Building on the Fresno State campus as well as most public libraries have internet capability for public use. If you have difficulty finding internet or computer access or if you need assistance with our on-line process, please contact Fresno State HR at 559/278-2032.

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 Can I partially complete my application and finish completing it later?

Yes. You may complete parts of the application process and come back to it later. You must click SAVE FOR LATER to save the information you have entered. If you close your browser prior to clicking on SAVE FOR LATER, your application and account will be saved, but you will lose the information you typed on the last page that was not saved.

 How do I include my resume, cover letter or other document(s) with my application?

When you apply for a job, you will be asked to upload the supporting documents. At this time we will accept attachments with an extension of "docx", "doc", "pdf", "tif" or "odt", and "rtf" only. The maximum file size is 10MB per attachment.

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 What if I have attached the wrong document?

Once you have attached your resume and associated attachments, you may not change or delete the documents. If you have attached the wrong document or failed to attach a document, you must contact the Human Resources office to submit the correct document(s) as needed.

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 How do I customize my application/resume for each job?

Each time you apply for one or more jobs, you can have a unique application, resume and cover letter. After selecting "Apply now" for one or more jobs, complete and/or review all information on your application. For ease of entry, all online details (e.g.; work experience, education, etc.) will be retained and carried over to the next time you apply. Since you cannot modify an application that has been submitted for a job posting, you will want to be certain the information is correct.

 How often should I update my application packet?

Every time you apply for a position, you should review your existing application. Many applicants prefer to tailor their resume, cover letters, application, etc. for each vacancy to which they apply. To update your application, simply customize the information as you apply for your next job.

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 Can I complete an application even though I’m not applying for a specific posted job vacancy?

No, we only accept applications for open job postings. Prior to applying for a job, each prospective applicant can create a profile that will reduce the amount of date entry when you do actually apply for an open position.

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 What type of web browsers are required to support this site?

Fresno State JOBS website is design to run in a web browser over the internet. We recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x or higher, Netscape Communicator 6.x or higher or Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher. Also, under your browser internet options, you need to have cookies and Javascript "enabled" and pop-up blockers disabled.

 What if I am having trouble entering information on this site?

If you have problems logging into Fresno State JOBS (, please contact Human Resources at 559/278-2032 to speak to a help staff member during normal working hours or you can also e-mail us at If you have problems outside of normal working hours, you can call the Fresno State IT Help Desk Representative at 559/278-5000 between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. everyday, all year including major holidays.

If a job was posted a few months ago and it remains on the Careers Page under Job Postings, is it still open and accepting applications.

Jobs are removed as they are filled or a date specified in the Job Announcement. If a job is or was listed on our Web site, you are able to view the status of the recruitment process as: Open, Under Review, Interviewing, or Closed/Filled (if closed/filled within the last 60 days) by clicking the Status of Job Openings link on the Careers home page.

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  What are continuous recruitments?

Fresno State has several positions for which we are continually recruiting due to the uniqueness of the position. The applicant pools are used to fill regular and temporary vacancies as noted in the specific vacancy announcement. Working as a temporary employee is a great way to gain valuable skills and lets you learn more about the different opportunities available at Fresno State. There are often full-time, part-time, and short- or long-term (up to 12 months) assignments available. All temporary positions filled from the continuous recruitment process are filled on an as-needed basis. Interested candidates must apply online at Fresno State JOBS.

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 Can I be "timed out" applying for a job?

The system will automatically time you out after 60 minutes if there is no activity while you are submitting an application.

 How do I know entering data is secure through this site?

All data submitted via this site is secure and encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL protects information as it crosses the Internet.

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 What does "Open Until Filled" mean?

If an application deadline reads "Open until filled", a department is accepting applications until the position is filled, and the vacancy may close without notice. If you have interest in a position, it is highly recommended that you apply as soon as possible upon seeing the announcement. Applications received after the specified "initial review date", your application will be considered on an as needed basis.

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