General Contractors & Trades

Contractors interested in Major Capital Projects (greater than $634,000) must be prequalified with the Capital Planning, Design & Construction Division of the CSU Chancellor"s Office by completing prequalification documents located on their website.

Contractors interested in Minor Capital Projects (less than $634,000) must be prequalifed with the Purchasing Office at CSU Fresno by attending the annual Minibid Orientation Session held in April of each year. A formal Notice, with detailed information, will be posted in the "NEWS" section of this webpage prior to the Orientation Session date. If your firm is unable to attend, please contact Lorrie Westcott to arrange an alternate time for your orientation.

ALL Contractors providing service to the campus must submit a current insurance certificate meeting or exceeding the campus insurance standards for construction located here.

Additionally, all contractors are required to garner 3% DVBE (Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise) participation in all contracts, unless noted otherwise. If 3% participation is not available, "good faith effort" documentation may be provided. The University strongly encourages participation of DVBE"s rather than "good faith effort". A search for DVBE subcontractors and suppliers for public works projects is available as a resource by clicking here.

Contractors may also review the Contract General Conditions for Minor Capital Public Works projects here and selecting "Design-Bid-Build (Minor Capital Outlay) Projects, January 2007.