Who Can Serve as a Consultant

All Fresno State alumni, parents and close friends of Fresno State are eligible and encouraged to volunteer to join FSCC. If we cannot verify your connection to the college, we will reach out to request information on your affiliation before approving your profile.


To register, go to Fresno State Career Connections and complete the short registration process. We recommend importing your professional information from LinkedIn if you have a LinkedIn account, supplementing this information as necessary. Once entered, all of your personal contact information will remain private.

Select Your Availability

A convenient calendar tool allows you to identify when you are available for consultations from students at Fresno State. Set your profile to "active" or "inactive" based on your schedule.

Share Your Expertise

Once a student selects your profile, FSCC takes it from there—from scheduling the phone or online meeting to collecting feedback following the consultation. There are three ways you can share your expertise: career conversations, resume critiques, and mock interviews.

Want more information? Visit the FAQ's page.

Become an Advisor