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Name: Samantha Rogers 

Hometown: Angels Camp, CA

Major:  Business Administration, Accountancy option

Passions/Hobbies: Digital art, computer technology, nature and green living, "nerdy" endeavors

Degree objective: I plan on graduating with a B.S. in Business Administration with an option in Accountancy, as well as a certificate in Business Information Systems. After spending some years in the field, I plan on going back to school to obtain an MBA in Accounting or Information Systems.

What I love most about Fresno State:  I love the abundance of opportunity available to Fresno State students. Fresno State and student organizations within Fresno State are closely partnered with many outside businesses and community organizations, giving students the chance to gain experience and insight and become more confident in their chosen field of study. Fresno State also has a variety of resources and tools students can use, mostly free of charge, to enhance their educational experience.

What I plan to do after I graduate: I would like to begin working at a local or regional CPA firm while I earn my CPA license. After that, I am keeping my options open. Accounting offers many other career opportunities besides tax, audit and consulting, and ultimately I would like to specialize in accounting information systems and own my own business.