Request an Appearance: Meet Me! 

Victory in a Tux

Victor E. Bulldog III is high energy and loves people! Whether it’s alumni, students on campus or being in the community as Fresno State’s official live mascot, Victor E. Bulldog III wants to meet you! Please read the guidelines below.

General Guidelines:

Request for appearance must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of your event.

Victor E. Bulldog III makes appearances on campus and in the community that help further the Fresno State Alumni Association’s and Fresno State’s mission and goals. He is most likely to attend events requested by:

  1. Campus groups (student clubs/organizations), campus departments, faculty and staff
  2. Preferred partners
  3. Athletics
  4. Alumni Association Chapters and Clubs
  5. Community organizations/businesses (for profit/private, non-profit, schools, etc.)

To help ensure everyone has the best and safest experience possible, all requests for Victor E. Bulldog must meet certain criteria. Criteria include, but are not limited to:

  1. Safe environment for Victor E. Bulldog III.
  2. Purpose of the appearance.
  3. Alignment of the request with the brand values of Victor E. Bulldog, Fresno State, and the Fresno State Alumni Association.
  4. Weather conditions (extreme heat and cold).
    1. Heat: 85 degrees or above - Due to health risks, Victor E. Bulldog is unable to attend outdoor events.
  5. Length of requested appearance.
  6. Number of attendees likely to be present.
  7. Other scheduling/appearance engagements.
  8. Time, and/or date, and/or location of the event.
  9. Presence of food.

The Fresno State Alumni Association oversees all requests for appearances. Because Victor E. Bulldog’s schedule is so full, a request for an appearance does not guarantee the request will be able to be granted. 

The Fresno State Alumni Association is charged with raising all revenue to support Victor E. Bulldog and the live mascot program. For this reason, fees may apply.

Appearance Fees: 

  • Campus Based Entities (on-campus event): No charge
  • Campus Based Entities (off-campus event): Dependent on nature of request. Please submit request for appearance.*
  • Non-Profit: $50.00 per hour
  • Corporate: Dependent on nature of request. Please submit request for appearance.*

*Off-Campus appearances are subject to appearance fees, which aid in covering expenses related to travel and other needs of the Victor E. Bulldog program. Additional fees for fuel or miscellaneous items may apply as well. 

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