Undergraduate Advising

Dr. Devendra Sharma is the Department of Communication's Undergraduate Adviser. To set up an appointment, please email

Department of Communication Major Worksheet (PDF)

Additional Support

If you have questions about academic issues that extend beyond your major (e.g. general education requirements, probation/disqualification, unit minimums/maximums, etc.) or questions about university resources in general, the counselors in the CAH Advising and Support Center can also help. You can make appointments by clicking on this link.

If you have questions about careers in communication, including graduate school, any member of the faculty would be happy to speak with you. In addition, the Career Development Center can provide you with information about careers for communication majors, point you toward internships, connect you to the alumni network, and help you to prepare for career fairs and interviews. The CDC sends a representative to the CAH Advising and Support Center every week to talk with students about careers in the arts and humanities. If you are considering applying to the graduate program in Communication at Fresno State specifically, you can learn more here.

Degree Progress Report (DPR)

The Degree Progress Report comes from an automated system designed to assist students with tracking progress toward completing a degree. Instructions for running and viewing your DPR are available here.

Four-Year Scholar’s Program

Many undergraduate majors available at California State University, Fresno may be completed in four years, including the Communication major. Although you can accomplish this informally in consultation with your adviser, the Degree Guarantee Program rewards committing to completing your degree in four years with perks including priority registration, parking permits (or bookstore vouchers), and specialized advising. If you are interested in learning more, contact the University Advising Center.