What MCJ Students Learn

We teach students the importance and value of media, communications and journalism and how to communicate ethically and responsibly in those fields. Blending theory, professional practice and hands-on learning, we build leaders who can think critically, write well and thrive in rapidly changing environments.

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Careers that an MCJ student can have.

Our Graduates

MCJ graduates are well represented on the staffs of many of America’s finest newspapers, radio and television stations, broadcast and film production companies, advertising agencies and public relations firms.

Graduates in advertising are working for agencies that include J. Walter Thompson; Foote, Cone, and Belding; Chiat/Day; Publicis, JP Marketing and Jeffrey Scott Agency. The department’s advertising students regularly finish high in regional and national competitions sponsored by the American Advertising Federation.

Graduates in broadcast journalism are heavily represented on the staffs of Fresno radio and television stations. They also can be found at CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN and PBS.

Film and media arts (formerly known as multimedia production) graduates are creative storytellers who communicate through writing, photography, video, audio, and the web. Alumni in multimedia production are on all the staffs at local television stations and multiple production companies. Some are working on network television shows such as Survivor.

MCJ graduates in digital journalism are working for newspapers such as the New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The Fresno Bee and other major newspapers.

Public relations graduates have jobs with Google, Facebook, Twitter, American Airlines, Caltrans, Coca-Cola, and other nationally known entities. They also work at regional, national, and international PR firms.

MCJ By The Numbers

425 Collegian ads sold

 $74,000+ in Collegian ad sales 

72 service-learning partners served by public relations students

39 live Fresno State Focus newscasts

2 Global News Relays collaborating with 35 universities

143 Fresno State Focus news packages

1,120 Fresno State Focus stories.

6 regional and national awards received by Fresno State Focus TV for reporting, photography and best newscast

3 national awards received by Fresno State Focus Radio Edition for radio reporting and best newscast

10 radio newscasts/podcasts that aired on 90.7 KFSR and streamed on KFSR.org

83 student radio reports or interviews that aired on 90.7 KFSR and streamed on KFSR.org

48 stories per student in MCJ 124 broadcast news writing

55 news stories and election coverage in MCJ 115 Field Video Production

10 awards earned by The Collegian including a first place award from the California College Media Association

444 original pieces of work -- news, entertainment sports, and multimedia -- produced by Collegian staffers.

1 outstanding editing award received for two episodes of “Specula” at the LAWebfest

10 community organizations benefit from the production of 22 videos by the MCJ 118S Corporate and Non-Profit Media Projects classes

24 4-minute interviews by MCJ 113 Studio Production students 

24 30-second spots by MCJ 113 Studio Production students 

5 5-minute newscasts by MCJ 113 Studio Production students 

5 10-minute talk shows by MCJ 113 Studio Production students 

5 10-minute final group productions by MCJ 113 Studio Production students