Retired & Emeriti Faculty

The MCJ Department has been extremely fortunate to have had so many distinguished and caring faculty members throughout it’s history.

In order to preserve this legacy, the following brief bios about these legends were written by the staff of the student-run PR firm TALK.

If you have additional information you want to add, or photos that we can add, please email us at

        Emeriti             Retired
Dr. Paul Adams 
Dr. R.C. Adams
Dr. Roberta Asahina
Prof. Jim Flanery 
Prof. George Flynn* 
Dr. Russ Hart 
Prof. Phillip Lane 
Prof. Greg Lewis
Prof. Dayle Molen*
Prof. Don Priest
Prof. Schyler Rehart
Prof. Roger Tatarian*
Prof. James Tucker 
Prof. James Wilson

Prof. H. Lee Alden
Dr. Rita Atwood
Prof. Merlyn Burris*
Prof. John Duke* 
Prof. Joel P. Fowler 
Prof. Arthur Margosian
Prof. Tommy Miller*
Prof. William Monson
Dr. Paul V. Sheehan
Dr. Bernard Shepard* 

We are still working on additional bios for faculty whose names are not hyperlinked. If you have any knowledge that would be helpful, please email us at