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The Tatarian Symposium

The Department of Media, Communications and Journalism has hosted 11 Roger Tatarian Symposiums since 2004. These events bring in top-notch national and international journalists to share with the campus and broader community about important media issues of the day.

Putting Fake News in the Rear View Mirror

  • Chapman greets speakers
    College of Arts and Humanities Associate Dean Dr. Honora Chapman and Institute for Media and Pubic Trust director Jim Boren greet speakers, from left, Juliet Williams, Stephen Engelberg, Scott Wilson, Sewell Chan and Joe Kieta.
  • Joe Kieta introduces
    Fresno Bee editor Joe Kieta introduces Stephen Engelberg. 
  • Engelberg talks
    ProPublica editor-in-chief Stephen Engelberg says that the term fake news often is misused.
  • Scott Wilson talks
    Washington Post senior national correspondent Scott Wilson said that journalists should not be giving their opinions on social media.
  • Juliet Williams panel
    AP's Northern California news editor, Juliet Williams, felt that transparency is key to rebuilding trust.
  • Sewell Chan talks
    Los Angeles Times deputy managing editor Sewell Chan pointed out that journalism organizations need to have an open dialogue with the communities they serve.
  • The whole panel
    Tatarian chair Tim Drachlis, far right, planned the symposium and picked the speakers.

The 2019 Tatarian Symposium was held on Feb. 29. It featured keynote speaker Stephen Engelberg, the editor-in-chief of ProPublica, a Pulitzer Prize-winning website. During his speech, Engelberg said that the term "fake news" should be retired from popular usage and that the term "viral deception" should be used instead. He argued that journalists should be as transparent as possible to better build trust. After the keynote speech, panelists Sewell Chan of the Los Angeles Times, Juliet Williams of the Associated Press and Scott Wilson of the Washington Post analyzed various ways that journalists could increase trust. Among the topics discussed were transparency, news vs. opinion and the divisive nature of politics in the early 21st Century.

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About Roger Tatarian

Roger Tatarian served as a reporter and editor for the United Press International (UPI) for 34 years. He covered many major stories around the globe, served as bureau chief in London and Rome, and was Washington, D.C, news editor. In 1967, he became UPI editor-in-chief. He retired from UPI in 1972 and joined the journalism faculty at Fresno State, where he taught for 15 years.