MCJ 1. Mass Communication and Society (3)
Prerequisite: G.E. Foundation A2. Examines the political, economic, cultural, and behavioral impacts of mass media in national and international contexts. Analyzes the historical factors that have shaped the structures, practices, and products of mass media industries, and assesses contemporary trends in media-society relations. G.E. Breadth D3.

MCJ 5. Basic Editing (3)
Application of basic language skills to media writing and editing. Recommended for all majors who must take an approved English language course and those MCJ students who are required to take an approved language course prior to attempting the Department Qualification Exam a third and final time: course does not substitute for passing DQE.

MCJ 10. Media Writing (3)
Prerequisites: pass Department Qualification Exam, ENGL 1. Study and practice in the basics of good writing. Emphases will be placed upon grammar, factual ac curacy, clarity, conciseness, media styles, fairness, human interest, and writing to length and deadline. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours) (CAN JOUR 2)

MCJ 17. Beginning Photojournalism (3)
Survey and instruction in beginning photojournalism. Characteristics of the journalistic photograph and its role in publications. Instruction in use of cameras and laboratory technique for black-and-white photographs. (2 lecture, 3 lab hours)

MCJ 30. Introduction to Multimedia Production (3)
Fundamentals of multimedia production. Lecture and laboratory experiences in cross media production theories and techniques. Exploration of digital storytelling using text, graphics, audio, video, and the Web. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours)

MCJ 102W. Reporting (3)
Prerequisites: pass Department Qualification Exam, MCJ 10, satisfactory completion (C or better) of the ENGL 1 graduation requirement, to be taken no sooner than the term in which 60 units of coursework are completed. Analysis of news sources; techniques of interviewing applied to specific reporting situations; coverage of campus and community functions in the preparation of articles for the media. Meets the upper-division writing skills requirement for graduation. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours)

MCJ 104. Editing of Publications (3)
Prerequisites: pass Department Qualification Exam, MCJ 10, 70 units completed or permission of instructor. Preparation of copy, headlines, and photos for newspapers and other publications; advanced concepts of grammar and style; legal and ethical issues of publications; basic publications layout and graphic design. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours)

MCJ 105. Newspaper Workshop (3; max total 6)
Prerequisites: MCJ 10, permission of instructor. Practice in editorial leadership, newspaper writing assignments, and newspaper production techniques. Department newspaper used for laboratory purposes. (1 lab hour, 10 hours arranged)

MCJ 106. Desktop Publishing (3)
Survey, design, and editing of specialized publications such as newsletters, brochures, and other materials for editorial, advertising, and public relations purposes. Emphasis on computerized production techniques. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours)

MCJ 108. In-Depth Reporting (3)
Prerequisites: pass Department Qualification Exam, MCJ 10, 102W, ENGL 1, 70 units completed or permission of instructor. Advanced reporting for the media; emphasis on covering community sources and issues, including politics, local government, courts and law enforcement. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours)

MCJ 112. Audio Production (3)
Lectures and laboratory experiences in the design and execution of audio-based programs, as used in the telecommunications industries. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours)

MCJ 113. Video Production (3)
Lectures and laboratory experiences in the design and execution of video programs, as developed in studio environments. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours)

MCJ 115. Electronic Field Production (3)
Lecture and discussion of field-production techniques as used in ENG/EFP; preproduction planning, production execution, and postproduction processes. Field assignments required. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours)

MCJ 116. Advanced Video Production and Directing (3)
Prerequisites: MCJ 113 and 115 or equivalents, with B or better. Development of critical and creative skills; study of production theory and practice; planning and producing for the director’s role. Laboratory goal: air-worthy products for closed-circuit, cable, or broadcast distribution. (1 lecture, 4 lab hours)

MCJ 118S. Corporate Video (3)
Prerequisites: MCJ 113 and 115 or equivalents, with B or better. Advanced study of the planning, organization, and execution of video field-production techniques as used in corporate video and documentary program production; single-camera, film-style video techniques and postproduction. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours)

MCJ 124. Broadcast News Writing (3)
Prerequisites: pass Department Qualification Exam, MCJ 10, ENGL 1. Gathering, writing, and editing news for the broadcast media. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours)

MCJ 126. Radio-Television Performance (3)
Prerequisite: DRAMA 22 or COMM 3 or equivalents. Basic theories and techniques of broadcast and film performance. Lectures and laboratory experiences in vocal and visual aspects of performance; media characteristics and requirements; analysis and preparation of material for media performance. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours) (Formerly TCOM 80; TCOM 108)

MCJ 128. News/Public Affairs Production (3)
Prerequisites: MCJ 124 or equivalent, permission of instructor. Study of local news operations and programming, use of sources and resources, news policy, and editorial responsibility, management, and control. Planning and producing news for presentation on the university closed-circuit channel. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours)

MCJ 131. Online Media Design (3)
Prerequisites: MCJ 106, 115, 132 or permission of instructor. Fundamentals of online media design and practical experience designing and producing online media. Web authoring and media production tools will be used to design online media, including elements of style, navigation, text, graphics, images, video, music, and forms. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours)

MCJ 142. Advertising Procedures (3)
Overview of all aspects of the field of advertising. Study of history, agent-client relationships, media, relationship to the behavioral sciences, production of copy and layouts, and advertising legislation and responsibility.

MCJ 143. Newspaper Advertising Staff (3; max total 6)
Prerequisite: MCJ 142. Selling and servicing accounts and creating and producing advertisements for the university newspaper.

MCJ 144. Advertising Copy Writing (3)
Prerequisites: pass Department Qualification Exam, MCJ 10, 142. Develops print and broadcast copy writing for magazine, direct mail, outdoor, newspaper, radio, television, and new advertising media. Examines the role of the copy writer, creative strategies, research target marketing, copy styles, and laws regulating advertising.

MCJ 146. Advertising Media (3)
Prerequisite: MCJ 142. Media planning and buying for advertising media. Evaluating and selecting media to meet specific marketing and communication goals; designing specific media plans and making buys in various media.

MCJ 148. Advertising Campaigns (3)
Prerequisites: MCJ 142 and 144 or 146. Background, research, planning, and preparation of national advertising campaign as advertising agency with client-agency set-up; marketing plan and creative execution. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours)

MCJ 152S. Public Relations (3)
Development of public relations practice; principles and methods; application in business, education, and other fields.

MCJ 158S. Public Relations Writing (3)
Prerequisites: MCJ 10, 152S. Creating messages tailored to multiple groups via a range of media, including mass media and organizational media such as employee newsletters and annual reports. Practice writing news releases, opinion articles, direct mail pieces and so on. (2 lecture, 2 lab hours)

MCJ 159S. Public Relations Cases and Campaigns (3)
Prerequisites: MCJ 10, 152S, 158S. Public relations teams plan a public relations campaign. Covers use of research findings, setting measurable objectives, identifying key publics, defining strategies, setting budgets, and evaluating results. Analyses and application of recent cases to solve public relations problems.

MCJ 163. Radio/TV as Popular Culture (3)
Prerequisite: to be taken no sooner than the term in which 60 units of coursework
are completed. A consideration of the media as popular cultural arts through study of development of program forms, social influences. Term paper required.

MCJ 164. Applied Media Research (3)
Not open to students with credit in MCJ 167. Study of survey research methods as used in program ratings, opinion analysis and tracking, and message assessment in radio, television, advertising, and public opinion. Project participation required.

MCJ 172. Media Law (3)
Study of federal and state laws and regulations that apply to the media, covering such topics as freedom of information, libel, right to privacy, fair trial-free press, copyright, obscenity and indecency, advertising regulation, and broadcast law and regulation.

MCJ 173. Media Ethics (3)
Study of ethical choices in the context of the political, social, and economic structure of U.S. communications systems. Also emphasizes applying traditional ethical theories to current media issues and problems.

MCJ 174. History of Mass Media (3)
Historical background of American media from colonial to modern times.

MCJ 175. Media Stereotypes (3)
Prerequisites: G.E. Foundation and Breadth Area D. Explores psychological, social, economic, institutional, and political factors related to media stereotypes. Analyzes specific media stereotypes involving gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, and physical conditions; looks at their behavioral and cultural effects. Reviews strategies for improving media portrayals. G.E. Multicultural/International MI.

MCJ 176. International Media (3)
Prerequisites: G.E. Foundation and Breadth Area D. Assesses complex international forces shaping global media, and ways mass media of North America and other nations affect international relations. Focuses on impacts of international news flows, role of media in national development, effects of transnational entertainment, and advertising content. G.E. Multicultural/International MI.

MCJ 177T. Media Topics (3; max total 6)
Prerequisite: upper-division standing. Topics explore various aspects of the relationships between media and society in national and international arenas.

MCJ 178. New Information Technologies (3)
Prerequisites: G.E. Foundation and Breadth Area D. Addresses the social, political, economic, and philosophical implications of new digital media, as well as the corporate, government, and institutional forces that have shaped the new digital media landscape. Particular attention is given to uses of the technologies and the dynamic relationship linking technology, culture, and social change. G.E. Integration ID.

MCJ 179. Cineculture (3)
Prerequisites: G.E. Foundation and Breadth Area D. Explores a wide range of socio-cultural-political topics through a series of film and lectures. Emphasis is on critical analysis of diverse cultures as they are represented in film. Students develop a global awareness and understanding of cultural diversity. G.E. Multicultural/International MI.

MCJ 182. Broadcast Programming (3)
Study of strategies and practices in programming radio and television stations and cable television operations. Lecture, discussion, and analysis/evaluation are primary course methods. Term project and paper required.

MCJ 190. Independent Study (1-3; max total 6)
See Academic Placement — Independent Study. Approved for RP grading.

MCJ 191. Internship (3)
Prerequisites: senior standing in the major with 2.5 GPA, permission of instructor. Applied practical experience in an appropriate media outlet, recording studio, production company, advertising agency, or public relations firm with on-the-job and faculty supervision/instruction. Conferences and reports required. CR/NC grading only.