Courses and Requirements

The MCJ Graduate Program is temporarily on hold and is not accepting any new graduate applications. Please check back with us in the fall 2012 semester.

Required Courses (12 units total; students typically finish these courses in their first year):
MCJ 204: Intro to Graduate Studies in Mass Communication (3) (fall)
MCJ 205: Mass Communication Theory (3) (fall)
MCJ 206: Quantitative Research Methods (3) (spring)
MCJ 207: Qualitative Research Methods (3) (spring)

Electives (12 units total):
MCJ 215: Media Ethics & Regulation (3)
MCJ 214: Media Technology & Systems (3)
MCJ 240T: Media Topics (topics vary; may be repeated for 9 units)
MCJ 216: Global & International Media (3)
Undergraduate Courses (maximum of 6 units of upper-division, 100-level courses; no GE classes)
Courses Outside the Department (maximum of 6 units and minimum of 3 units at graduate level)
Independent Study (MCJ 290) (maximum of 3 units)
Independent Study (MCJ 190) (maximum of 3 units)

Capstone Level (6 units total):
MCJ 299: Master's Thesis (6)
MCJ 298: Professional Project (6)

Total Units for Graduation: 30 (24 must be graduate level; 6 accepted from undergraduate level)
“Conditional” requirements do not apply to the total units needed for graduation.

Grade Requirements:
Students must maintain a B overall average and receive at least a C in individual classes.

Thesis or Project Advising:
Students work with one faculty member as the chair of the thesis or project; this faculty member must be from within the department. Two additional committee members work with the student, and one of these members may be from outside the department.

Thesis/Project Deadlines:
The final revised draft of the thesis or project must be submitted to the chair no later than one month prior to expected graduation date. (Other deadline rules may be set by individual thesis/project chairs.) The graduate student will not be allowed to graduate until the thesis/project is approved by the chair and the graduate coordinator.

Graduate Students' Responsibilities:

  • It is up to the graduate student to keep up with and meet all deadlines (department and university) and complete the appropriate forms.
  • After completing 9 units, the student must meet with the graduate coordinator to complete the paperwork for advancement to candidacy.
  • It is the responsibility of the graduate student to be self-motivated and complete his/her thesis or project in a timely manner.
  • The graduate student should contact his/her thesis/project chair often to ensure proper progress is being made.
  • It is the responsibility of the graduate student to contact the Division of Graduate Studies, complete all necessary forms and pay any fees.

Interested in applying to the MCJ graduate program, or have questions? Let us know by filling out our online contact form.