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Dr. Anthony P. Radford, Director

LucindaThe Fresno State Children's Opera seeks to bring the fantastic and dynamic art of music and theatre to the children of the Central Valley. For years the opera students have performed operas at Fresno State as part of a rigorous vocal training program in which they undergo training in vocal technique, vocal diction, pedagogy, literature and foreign languages. The Fresno Children's Opera was started in 2016 and commissioned an opera for its inaugural season in Fall of 2016. The opera Lucinda y las Flores de la Nochebuena was composed by Evan Mack and Joshua McGuire and will be seen by over 3000 school children in November and December 2016. The Fresno State Children's Opera also saw the support of a substantial grant from the Central Valley Community Foundation for their work.

The Fresno State Children's Opera would like to announce the opportunity to help commission the opera written especially for Fresno State and the students of the Central Valley. At a donation level of $5000 you have have your name or the name of someone who know on the printed and published score, appearing on the front page of Lucinda y las Flores de la Nochebuena. For a $500 dollar donation you can sponsor a school performance in 2016.

Our 2016 season is already fully booked but Lucinda will go on tour again in the Fall for 2017. If you are interested in having a performance of this 45 minute opera at your school please contact Anthony P. Radford at Performances are $500 dollars for two shows on the same day.

Lucinda y las Flores de la Nochebuena is story based on a Mexican folk tale surrounding the origin of the use of poinsettias at Christmas. In this story Lucinda and her ailing mother are making a blanket as a gift for the nativity scene at the Christmas Eve service. Lucinda's mother is too sick to help Lucinda finish the blanket and cannot go to the service with her. Lucinda leaves to celebrate Christmas Eve without her mother and without a gift. On the way to church she picks a few flowers by the side of the road as a gift and she worries that this might not be good enough for the nativity scene. To her delight when she offers the gift at the altar the weeds bloom into beautiful poinsettias and Lucinda learns that she can make decisions on her own and that it doesn't matter what you give at Christmas, as long as you give from the heart.

The cast for the 2016 tour is graduate voice student Alejandra Tejeda will play Lucinda. Senior Chysanthe Pappas who will play Lucinda's mother. Junior Christopher Rodriguez will play "Everybody" and graduate voice student Ed Olivarez will play "Nobody". The director of the Fresno State Opera Theatre and Children's Opera is Dr. Anthony P. Radford

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Lucinda y las Flores de la Nochebuena