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Melissa Gibson

Department Chair

Acting/General Advisor

Phone: 559.278.3987
Office: Speech Arts 33

Elizabeth Payne

Design/Tech Advisor

Phone: 559.278.5110
Office: Speech Arts 185

Kim Morrin

Credential Advisor

Phone: 559.278.4342
Office: Speech Arts 138

Kenneth Balint

Dance Option Advisor

Phone: 559.278.5848
Office: Music 164



Degrees and Programs

                       Race by David Mammet, directed by Thomas Ellis.
                                      (photo by James Ramirez)

The theatre arts major, dance option, and minors are designed to provide competencies in the theatre arts for students who intend to pursue study beyond the Bachelor of Arts degree, who are preparing for careers in teaching or for the professional theatre. With the assistance of their advisers and with departmental approval, students follow a track of advanced courses specializing in the areas of Acting or Design/Technology, or students may opt for advanced courses covering a broad range of study by selecting the General track. The Theatre Arts Program offers through the dance option intensive studies in dance performance, choreography, and theory. This option provides preparation for graduate studies or a professional career.