The Two Gentlemen of Verona


By William Shakespeare

Directed by Brad Myers

December 1 – 9, 2017

Location: The John Wright Theatre (Speech Arts Building at Fresno State)

About the play:

The two gentlemen are best friends, Valentine and Proteus. After finishing school, Valentine is setting off to see the world, traveling to the fashionable court of the Duke of Milan. Proteus wants to stay home because he is in love with his girlfriend, Julia, a fascination which he has kept from his parents for fear they will disapprove. Once Valentine arrives at the Milanese court, he immediately falls in love with Sylvia, the Duke’s glamorous daughter. Meanwhile, Proteus’s parents feel he needs to become more worldly and insist that he join Valentine at the Duke’s court. Both Julia and Proteus are heart-broken, but swear undying fidelity to each other until Proteus can return. However, when Proteus arrives at the Milanese court, he too immediately becomes obsessed with the beautiful Sylvia. Proteus sets about to undermine the relationship of Valentine and Sylvia, seeking to win her for himself. Julia determines that she must be with Proteus, and disguises herself as a boy so that she can take the dangerous journey to the Court of Milan. Proteus descends into deeper treachery as he plots against his one-time friend; Julia descends into deeper despair as she observes her one-time boyfriend wooing Sylvia; Valentine descends into deeper heartbreak when he is banished by the Duke, who would prefer that Sylvia marry the rich, but arrogant Turio. Along the way, we meet an array of high school teens, hip party guests, henchmen, outlaws, androgynous artistes, a quirky best friend, clownish servants. protective parents, and a gang of unruly outlaws.