Small Writing Groups

A tutor listens as a student reads his paper in a group.

Our small writing groups are three students and a tutor working on writing around a table in the Writing Center.  The groups meet twice a week for 50 minute sessions.  You choose one of our times that fits in your schedule, then you come that same time, meeting with that same group, all semester.

You won’t get any homework from us.  We only work on assignments and papers you’re already assigned in your other classes or on sample papers.

These groups are worth 1 unit of credit.  To get credit you need to come, not missing more than 4 times, and bring writing.  You’ll need to bring in 1 class reading, 2 writing prompts, and 3 pieces of writing over the whole semester, but these can be from any class and you can even bring in the same paper multiple times if you make changes to it each time.

Tutoring Group

The groups are pretty friendly and comfortable, we take writing seriously but we also laugh a lot.  If it sounds interesting, come on in to the Writing Center at the beginning of the semester and we’ll help you choose a time and enroll in the 1 unit class.


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