Pre Veterinary Prerequisites


Department Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education

Pre Veterinary Admissions Prerequisite Requirements

Policies and Procedures for Admission to B.S. in Animal Science-Veterinary Preparation Specialization

Admission into the Veterinary Preparation specialization of the bachelor's degree program in Animal Science is a two-step process: (1) admission to the university and (2) admission into the Veterinary Preparation major specialization. Students not in the program may apply to the university as Animal Science Preveterinary majors. Students may apply for admission into the Veterinary Preparation major the semester during which they will complete all prerequisite coursework. Approval will be contingent upon satisfactory fulfillment of the prerequisites and the grade point average standard.

In order to gain admission into the Animal Science Veterinary Preparation major and enroll in upper-division animal science courses, students must do the following:

a. Complete the following courses or their equivalents with a C or better in each course, CR/NC grades are not acceptable: 
ASCI 1 Introduction to Animal Science
ASCI 68 Pre-Vet Orientation
BIOL 1A Introductory Biology
CHEM 1A and CHEM 1AL General Chemistry and Lab 1A

b. Have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.2

c. Submit a Change of Major Request form requesting admission into the Veterinary Preparation major. Students may obtain this form from the Animal Science and Agricultural Education Department office in the Agricultural Science Building room 232 or online at


The faculty represent diverse specializations in the disciplines of animal science and teacher training. With doctoral degrees from many of the nation's most prestigious agricultural universities, the faculty have combined philosophies of undergraduate education, research, curriculum development, industry relations, and career placement into a unique program. Their experience allows for the combination of the practical and theoretical aspects of the animal sciences to provide an education second to none. Students select an adviser who assists in both academic and career planning on an individual basis. The faculty place a high priority on strong teacher-student relationships.

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