Armenian Studies, Minor


Armenian Studies Program

Armenian Studies Minor Requirements

ARM 1A, ARM 1B, ARM 2A, ARM 2B (6-8 units)*
ARM 148 (3 units)
ARMS 10 and ARM 20 (6 units)
ARMS 120T (3 units)
ARMS 108A or 108B (3 units)

Total (21-23 units)

* Students must take two of these courses in consultation with the program coordinator. Students who can speak, read, and write Armenian may elect to challenge one or two of these classes CBE (see Credit by Examination).

Note: The Armenian Studies Minor also requires a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence.

Upper-Division Honors Certificate

The Armenian Studies Upper-Division Honors Program provides the opportunity for highly qualified, advanced Armenian Studies Program students to pursue the Upper-Division Honors Certificate in Armenian Studies. Please see Upper-Division Honors Certificate.


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