Department of Art, Design, and Art History

Credential Program Requirements

The Single Subject Matter Preparation Program in Art at California State University, Fresno educates candidates broadly and deeply in the making of art, art history, art criticism, aesthetics, the connections among the arts and other disciplines, theories of development in art, and connections to professional futures. The program builds a personal sense of enthusiasm and lifelong commitment to the study of these components of art and trains candidates to be educated, highly motivated, and sensitive practitioners of the teaching of art to a multi-cultural population in the California public schools.

The program includes (a) 42 semester units of core coursework in art subjects and related subjects that are commonly taught in departmentalized classes in California public schools and (b) 24 semester units of coursework that provide breadth and perspective to supplement the essential core of the program. These requirements are elaborated below.

  1. The core of the program includes two-dimensional art, three-dimensional art, new and emerging art, media art, art history, art criticism, and the history and theories of learning in art. 

    Credential Program-Core Courses
    ARTH 10 (3 units)
    ARTH 11 (3 units)
    ART 13 (3 units)
    ART 14 (3 units)
    ART 21 (3 units)
    ART 24, ART 26, ART 27, ART 109T, ART 126, or ART 127 (3 units)
    ART 40 (3 units)
    ART 50 (3 units)
    ART 60 (3 units)
    ART 70 or ART 177S (3 units)
    ART 30, ART 182, ART 183, or ART 185 (3 units)
    ART 37, ART 107, or ART 188 (3 units)
    ART 112 (3 units)
    ART 120 (3 units)
    Core Total (42 units)

  2. The 24 units of breadth coursework required by the program include courses that provide breadth and perspective to supplement the essential core of the program.

    Credential Program-Breadth Courses
    ARTH 136 (3 units)
    ARTH 120, ARTH 122, ARTH 124, ARTH 126, ARTH 131, ARTH 132, or ARTH 109T (3 units)
    ARTH 160, ARTH 170, ARTH 173, ARTH 175, or ARTH 109T (3 units)
    ART 101 (3 units)
    ART 113, ART 116, ART 170, or ART 171 (3 units)
    ART 140 (3 units)
    ART 152, ART 153, ART 155, or ART 160 (3 units)
    ART 179 (3 units)
    Breadth Courses (24 units)

* Topics in Art History (European/Western.)
**Topics in Art History (Non-European/Non-Western.)

Advising Note

Students must earn no less than a C in all art classes required in the program. Students in the Subject Matter Preparation Program are required to meet with their faculty adviser for a portfolio assessment and interview at two points in their academic careers: (1) the lower-division review, including assessment of their portfolio and artist's statement after completing ART 37 and (2) the upper-division review, including a portfolio assessment, presentation, and interview after completing ART 112 and prior to exiting the program.


The faculty of the department offer diverse, skilled, and professional approaches to art and design education. The methods of teaching reflect distinctive yet complementary ways and means of introducing their disciplines while guiding students through the program with a sense of dedication and commitment to the education of artists, designers, and scholars.

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