Pupil Personnel Services - School Counseling Credential


Department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation

Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential Requirements

School Counseling

The Pupil Personnel Services Credential is required to function as a counselor in a public school setting, grades K-12.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the admission requirements listed in the Graduate Education Program section of this catalog, admission to the Pupil Personnel Services Credential program requires the following:

  1. Must complete the following prerequisite coursework and achieve a 3.0 in overall postbaccalaureate coursework. Prerequisite coursework must be completed with a B or better: ERE 153 and COUN 174 or PSYCH 174. Students applying for the PPS Credential program only do not need to complete COUN 176 or PSYCH 166.
  2. Provide evidence of having met the California Basic Skills Requirement (BSR)
  3. Provide a valid Certificate of Clearance to participate in public school field placement activities
  4. Statement of purpose
  5. Three letters of recommendation
  6. Professional Resume or Curriculum Vitae

Following receipt of the completed packet and the review by program faculty, applicants will receive written notification regarding admission status.

Program Requirements

Candidates for the Pupil Personnel Services Credential who have been approved by the Program Faculty Review Committee for admission to the program and who want to be recommended for the credential must complete the following program requirements:

COUN 150, COUN 200, COUN 201, COUN 202, COUN 203, COUN 206, COUN 208, COUN 220, COUN 233, COUN 240, COUN 241, COUN 242, COUN 249 (8 units), CI 285.
Complete practicum (with a grade of B or better) and field practice.
Pass the competency exit review.

Time restrictions

Courses required for the P.P.S. credential must be completed no more than 10 years prior to credential application.


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