Education - Curriculum & Instruction Option, M.A.


Department of Curriculum and Instruction

M.A. in Education Option: Curriculum and Instruction

Carol Fry Bohlin, Coordinator
Education Building, Room 234

Program Description. The 30-unit Master of Arts degree in Education with an option in Curriculum and Instruction (MAE-C&I) is designed for teachers and other professionals who desire advanced study in curriculum, instruction, educational psychology, research design, and educational statistics. Although a majority of students are teachers, a teaching credential is not a requirement for admission. The program is unique in allowing students to pursue in-depth study in personally relevant areas of curriculum and instruction such as educational technology, reading/language arts, mathematics education, and other specialization areas through elective coursework.

Admission Requirements. In addition to the admission requirements listed in the Graduate Education Program section of this catalog, admission to the M.A. in Education, option Curriculum and lnstruction program requires a minimum 2.75 GPA, a statement of purpose, and three letters of recommendation.

Program Requirements. Under the direction of the program coordinator, each student prepares an individually designed program within the following framework:

1. Required courses (12 units)
(a) MAE Core: CI 285 or ERE 288, ERE 220** (6 units)
(b) C&I Option: CI 250*, CI 275 (6 units)

2. Electives (15 units)
Electives are selected in consultation with the MAE-C&I program coordinator. The electives may constitute a broad-based program in curriculum and instruction or represent an in-depth study in a specialty area with the context of curriculum and instruction.

3. Culminating Experience (3 units)
Choose from among (a) 3 units of approved electives plus comprehensive exam [0 units], or (b) Cl 298A or (c) CI 299A.

Total (30 units)

* CI 250 includes the graduate writing requirement as part of the course.

** ERE 153 or an approved equivalent is a prerequisite for ERE 220 or ERE 288.


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