Kinesiology - Sport Administration Option, M.A.


Department of Kinesiology

Master of Arts Degree Requirements

The Department of Kinesiology offers advanced study designed to enhance professional competencies in pedagogy (M.A. in Kinesiology), exercise science (Exercise Science Option), sport administration (Sport Administration Option), and sport psychology (Sport Psychology Option). These offerings prepare students for more advanced degrees, applied research, and/or careers in clinical settings, teaching, administration, coaching, or the sport industry.

Specific requirements. The Master of Arts degree requires 30 units of advanced coursework, of which there is a common core of 6 units. Dependent on the option, 9-18 units are selected from specified courses, and 3-12 units of electives plus a culminating experience are chosen.

Under the direction of a graduate advisor, each student designs a coherent program within the following framework:

Sport Administration Option

Core (6 units)
KINES 230 and KINES 231

Required coursework (18 units)
KINES 241, KINES 244, KINES 245, KINES 246, KINES 261, KINES 285

Electives (0-6 units)
Any approved KINES 200-level or approved outside area course.
A list of approved outside courses is available from the graduate coordinator.

Culminating experience (0-6 units)
KINES 298, KINES 299,or comprehensive exam

Total (30 units)

Advising Notes

  1. The Master of Arts degree program in Kinesiology assumes undergraduate preparation equivalent to a California State University, Fresno major in kinesiology. Students may be required to take 12-15 prerequisite units.
  2. The Department of Kinesiology accepts either the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) as part of the admission requirements. Please contact the graduate program coordinator within the department for more information.
  3. All students must pass a written qualifying exam before advancement to candidacy. The university graduate-level writing skills requirement is met by successful completion of this step. See the graduate coordinator for more information.
  4. See also the general graduate requirements listed under the Division of Research and Graduate Studies.


The Department of Kinesiology is composed of a cohesive, creative, and dynamic group of well-educated faculty with a wealth of practical and professional experience. Students are engaged in educational and clinical research programs and practical experiences which incorporate leading-edge technology and best practices. The curriculum and associated instruction provide a solid foundation for future learning and professional growth. The program incorporates many opportunities for professional certification through prestigious national organizations and governing bodies. Students become experts in exercise, fitness, performance, and wellness.

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