Cognitive Science, Minor


Department of Linguistics

Cognitive Science Minor Requirements

The Cognitive Science Minor requires 19-23 units. Students are required to take the  foundational CGSCI course: CGSCI 100 (4 units).

In addition, students are required to take five courses (15-19 units) from the list below, with no more than two courses from the same department. Please note: students are not allowed to count any courses taken as part of the Cognitive Science Minor toward their major.

Foundational course: CGSCI 100 (4 units)
Five of the following: CSCI 119*, CSCI 164*, CSCI 166*; PHIL 145, PHIL 146, PHIL 151, PSYCH 121, PSYCH 124**, PSYCH 126**, PSYCH 128, LING 142***, LING 143***, LING 165***; CGSCI 101**** (15-19 units)
Total (19-23 units)

* These courses have the following prerequisites: CSCI 40, CSCI 41, CSCI 60. CSCI 119 is also a prerequisite for CSCI 164 and CSCI 166.

** These courses have the following prerequisites: PSYCH 10, PSYCH 42, PSYCH 144.

*** These courses have the following prerequisites: LING 100.

**** Course may be taken twice.


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