Early Childhood - Specialist Credential


Department of Literacy, Early, Bilingual, and Special Education


Dr. Feiyan Chen, Coordinator
Education Building, Room 267

An Early Childhood Education Specialist Credential may be earned by those who possess an elementary teaching credential or approved specialist program, including teaching; and who have two years of teaching experience at two levels of Early Childhood Education at the time the specialist credential is bestowed. The ECE Specialist Credential requires 30 units of postbaccalaureate study. Courses taken in the ECE Specialist Credential Program may be used to meet part or all of the requirements for the master's degree. It is strongly advised that application for the master's degree be completed at the same time as the application for the specialist credential is submitted.

Admission Requirements. In addition to the admission requirements listed in the Graduate Education Program section of this catalog, admission to the Early Childhood Education Specialist Credential program requires the following:

  1. Be qualified for ECE Master Teaching Permit (B.A./B.S. plus 12 units of ECE or Child Development and 3 units of supervised ECE fieldwork) or hold a valid teaching credential.
  2. Provide verification of advisement.
  3. Statement of purpose
  4. Three letters of recommendation

Program Requirements. Under the direction of the graduate adviser, each student prepares and submits an individually designed program within the following framework:

  1. Required Early Childhood Education Core Courses:
    LEE 235 and LEE 241 (6 units)
  2. Select three of the four additional Early Childhood Education Core Courses: LEE 171, LEE 232, LEE 233, LEE 271 (9 units)
  3. Electives are selected from fields including early childhood education, special education, education administration, bilingual education, and other fields as determined in consultation with the ECE faculty adviser (15 units)
  4. Experience: Two years of successful teaching experience in at least two levels in early childhood education.

Total (30 units)


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