Classical Studies, Minor


Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

Minor in Classical Studies Requirements

The Classical Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program designed for students interested in classical civilization and for those who wish to teach classical languages and culture or who wish to enter a graduate program in which a minor would give a sound foundation for further work.

The minor allows for three areas of interest: Latin, Greek, and Classics (Greek and Latin).

HIST 112 or HUM 110 (3 units)
LATIN 1ALATIN 1B (6 units)
LATIN 131T (2) (6 units)
Approved electives (9 units)
Total (24 units)

HIST 111 or HUM 108 (3 units)
GRK 1AGRK 1B (6 units)
GRK 131T (2) (6 units)
Approved electives (9 units)
Total (24 units)

HIST 111 or HUM 108HIST 112 or HUM 110 (6 units)
LATIN 1ALATIN 1B (6 units)
GRK 1AGRK 1B (6 units)
LATIN 131T or GRK 131T (3 units)
Approved electives (3 units)
Total (24 units)

Note: The Classical Studies Minor also requires a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence.

Approved Course Electives

The following list includes the elective courses most directly concerned. For further information, consult Honora H. Chapman or Bruce S. Thornton.

Art History
ARTH 10 The Ancient and Primitive World (3 units)
ARTH 109T Topics in Art History (1-3; max 3 per area)

DRAMA 185 History of the Theatre and Drama (3)

HUM 108 Humanities in Classical Athens (3 units)
HUM 110 Humanities in Republican and Imperial Rome (3)

ENGL 112 World Literature: Ancient (4)

Foreign Language
GRK 1A, 1B Elementary Greek (3, 3)
GRK 131T Greek Literature (3; max total 12 units if no topic repeated)
GRK 190 Independent Study (1-3)

LATIN 1A, 1B Elementary Latin (3, 3)
LATIN 131T Latin Literature (3; repeatable with different topic)
LATIN 132 Classical Mythology (3 units)
LATIN 190 Independent Study (1-3)

HIST 1 Western Civilization I (3 units)
HIST 103 History of Early Christianity (3 units)
HIST 110 Ancient Near East (3 units)
HIST 111 Ancient Greece (3 units)
HIST 112 Ancient Rome (3 units)
HIST 116 Greek and Roman Religion (3 units)
HIST 119T Studies in Ancient History (1-3; max total 6 units if no topic repeated)
HIST 190 Independent Study (1-3)

PHIL 101 Ancient Philosophy (3 units)

KINES 111 The Olympic Games (3)

Political Science
PLSI 110 Seminar in History of Political Thought to Macchiavelli (3 units)


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