Register early to ensure your place in the class of your choice, as each class has an enrollment limit.

Period 2017 Dates Tuition-Fee Due Dates
Early Registration March 20 - May 21 May 21
Late Registration May 22 - first day of class within 24 hours of registration

Early Registration runs from March 20 - May 21 and students have until May 21 to pay registration fees. After May 21, students with unpaid fees will be dropped from their classes for nonpayment.

Late Registration begins on May 22. Students can register for any remaining seats until the beginning of class:

  • For classes that run for four or fewer days: students may register themselves online through the first day of class.
  • For classes that run for at least five days: students may register themselves online through the first day of class. After that, students may register until the fourth calendar day of the class, as long as they provide a permission number from the instructor. 

See the Course Schedule for a detailed list of classes and start dates.

Students who register during Late Registration have 24 hours to pay their tuition-fees, or they will be dropped for nonpayment. Students who are dropped for nonpayment may re-register during Late Registration if space is still available. 

Matriculated Fresno State students may register by logging in to  

New or non-matriculated students should click here for registration instructions.

Registration Freeze for Cancellations (May 30-31)

Summer Session classes that do not receive sufficient enrollment will be cancelled. Student registrations between March 20 and May 29 determine which classes are offered and which are cancelled.

Registration will freeze on May 30-31 so that faculty and staff can determine which classes will be offered. A list of cancelled classes will be made available on the Course Schedule page by close-of-business on May 31. 

After cancellations, registration will reopen on June 1. Students will receive refunds if their classes are cancelled (see "Dropping Classes and Obtaining Refunds" below).

Who may register for a Summer Session Class?

Students do not have to be formally admitted to the university to take a Summer Session class. Anyone may register for Summer Session if they  meet course prerequisites, are at least 18 years of age or a high school graduate, and have met course prerequisites. Current Fresno State students, disqualified students, students from other colleges and universities, alumni, and the general public may all take Summer Session classes. 

Registration in Summer Session does not ensure registration for, or admission to, the university, nor should it be interpreted as acceptance to any degree or credential program. Students who are interested in formal admission to California State University, Fresno may contact the Office of Admissions, Records and Evaluations at 559.278.2261. 

Applying Summer Session Classes to Your Degree

Summer Session classes are generally applicable to degree, certificate, and credential programs. Students may use Summer Session courses to fulfill program requirements and accelerate their timetables for graduation.

If students expect to complete program requirements through Summer Session, they should first confirm with an advisor that their course(s) are suitable for their program.

College Advising Centers Room Phone
Arts & Humanities SA 156 559.278.4597
Business PB 185 559.278.4943
Health and Human Services MCL 194 559.278.5027 
Agriculture AG 110 559.278.4019
Education ED 100 559.278.0300 
Engineering EE 383 559.278.1076 
Science & Math S136 559.278.4150 
Social Sciences MCF 203A 559.278.3422 
General Advising JA 224 559.278.1787


Class Type Class Catalog Number Tuition-Fee
Undergraduate 1-199 (e.g. COMM 100) $315 per unit
Graduate 2-299 (e.g. COUN 234B) $386 per unit

Some classes may have course-fees to cover materials and other expenses. Course-fees will be noted on each class when registering.

The CSU and California State University, Fresno make every effort to keep student costs to a minimum. The CSU and California State University, Fresno must reserve the right, even after initial payments are made, to increase or modify any listed fees, without notice; we also reserve the right to correct errors in marketing documents. All listed fees should be regarded as estimates that are subject to change. (See Tuition and Refund Schedules below).

Dropping Classes & Obtaining Refunds

Summer Session classes may be dropped online, but a refund must be requested by filling out the Continuing and Global Education Program Change/Refund Form

Drops/Refunds for Classes that Meet for Five Days or More

Students may obtain a full refund if they drop their Summer Session class before the first day of instruction. Only partial refunds will be available after instruction begins.

Students may obtain a partial (65%) refund on classes that meet for at least five days if they drop on or after the first day of instruction. Students must drop by the fourth calendar day of the class. The Program Change/Refund form may be used for drops.

After the fourth calendar day, there are NO DROPS AND NO REFUNDS for Summer Session classes. Students who do not attend class will receive a failing grade unless they formally drop the class.

Drops/Refunds for Classes that Meet for Less than Five Days

There is no refund for classes meeting fewer than 5 sessions or lasting fewer than 5 days, once the class has begun. No refund is made unless requested by the student, except for cancelled classes which are refunded automatically.

Obtaining Refund for a Cancelled Class

Refunds are automatically disbursed for classes that are cancelled by Continuing and Global Education. 

Undergraduate Tuition-Fees and Refund Rates

Units Tuition-Fees Full Refund Partial Refund
1 $315.00 $315.00 $204.75
2 $630.00 $630.00 $409.50
3 $945.00  $945.00 $614.25 
4 $1,260.00 $1,260.00 $819.00
5 $1,575.00 $1,575.00 $1,023.75
6 $1,890.00 $1,890.00 $1,228.50 
7 $2,205.00 $2,205.00 $1,433.25
8 $2,520.00 $2,520.00 $1,638.00
9 $2,835.00  $2,835.00 $1,842.75
10 $3,150.00 $3,150.00 $2,047.50
11 $3,465.00 $3,465.00 $2,252.25
12 $3,780.00 $3,780.00 $2,457.00
13 $4,095.00 $4,095.00  $2,661.75
14 $4,410.00 $4,410.00 $2,866.50
15 $4,725.00 $4,725.00 $3,071.25

Graduate Tuition-Fees and Refund Rates

Units Tuition-Fees Full Refund Partial Refund
1 $386.00 $386.00 $250.90
2 $772.00 $772.00 $501.80
3 $1,158.00 $1,158.00 $752.70
4 $1,544.00 $1,544.00 $1,003.60
5 $1,930.00 $1,930.00 $1,254.50
6 $2,316.00 $2,316.00 $1,505.40
7 $2,702.00 $2,702.00 $1,756.30
8 $3,088.00 $3,088.00 $2,007.20
9 $3,474.00 $3,474.00 $2,258.10
10 $3,860.00 $3,860.00 $2,509.00
11 $4,246.00 $4,246.00 $2,759.90
12 $4,632.00 $4,632.00 $3,010.80
13 $5,018.00 $5,018.00 $3,261.70
14 $5,404.00 $5,404.00 $3,512.60
15 $5,790.00 $5,790.00 $3,763.50

Drops for Serious and Compelling Reasons

Students who have a serious and compelling reason and who wish to drop on the fifth calendar day or later may petition to drop with a grade of “W.” Pick up a Request for Record Adjustment in the Division of Continuing and Global Education or obtain the form online, click here. Submit the request to the Admissions, Records and Evaluations Office in the Joyal Building, Room 106.

Financial Aid

Financial aid may be available for matriculated students enrolled in a minimum of 6 units of degree-relevant coursework during the summer (May-June Intersession and Summer Session combined). Students must have unused financial aid in the previous academic year. At least one of the courses counted toward the 6-unit minimum must begin prior to the month of July. 

Summer Interest Forms will be available in the Financial Aid Office beginning April 4 and must be submitted by June 15, 2017.

Questions? Please check with the Financial Aid Office.  


The following forms can be found at

  • Registration form
  • Program Change form
  • Administrative Change form

Grading Option

Students may select their choice of grading option—Letter; CR/NC (credit or no credit), or Audit. Not every class will provide a choice of grading option. Students should verify availability of grading options with the department if enrolling in-person. The grading option the student designates is what will be posted on their permanent transcript, providing that option is available for the course.

Changes in Grading Option must be made no later than Friday of the first week of class. For classes lasting four or fewer days, changes in Grading Option must be made prior to the class start date.

Wait Lists 

Wait lists are available for Summer Session. If a student is placed on a wait list, they should check their Fresno State email account regularly to find out if they have been moved from the wait list to the class roster.

Beginning on May 22, fees are due within 24 hours after a student is placed on the class roster. If fees are not paid, the student will be dropped for non-payment.


Summer Session grades will be averaged into the student’s Fresno State GPA. Grades will be available at about 14 days after the class ends.