Early Start Costs, Fee Waiver & Refunds

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Other Expenses: Parking | Room & Board | Supplies & Reading Materials


Program Fees

Program fees for Early Start include tuition and student fees and are covered by the program fee wavier for eligible students. Tuition-fees are $182 per unit and student fees are $2 in total. These rates are in effect at every CSU campus.

Early Start English 1: $182 (1 unit)

Early Start Math 2: $364 (2 units)

Student Fees: $1 for access to the Student Health and Counseling Center and $1 for access to the University Student Union and Student Recreation Center.

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Fee Waiver (Financial Aid)

The fee waiver is available for students who have an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) of $5,000 or less. Students who are not eligible to submit FAFSA, including AB 540 students, should file the State Financial Aid application prior to enrolling in Early Start. A formula similar to the EFC is used to determine eligibility for the waiver.

The waiver only covers the program fees listed above (tuition and student fees). It does not cover supplies, reading materials, parking, or room and board.

Fresno State students may check their fee waiver eligibility by following these steps:

  1. Login to MyFresnoState.
  2. Click on "Student Center."
  3. Click on "My Admissions and Program Applications."
  4. Click on "Early Start."
  5. Fee waiver eligibility information is in the third box, "Financial Aid Information."

Non-Fresno State students should refer to their student account at their home CSU campus to check fee waiver eligibility. They will not be able to check eligibility on their MyFresnoState account.

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Fee Refunds

Refunds for program fees are available to students who drop classes, become exempt, or receive fee waivers. A form may be required for refund processing.

Dropping Classes (submit form): Students are eligible for full refunds if they drop Early Start classes before the first day of instruction. After instruction begins, refunds are only available for serious and compelling reasons (e.g. military service, jury duty, illness, childbirth, etc.). See "Registration" for instructions on dropping classes.

Exemption (automatic refund): Students who become exempt from Early Start after paying for classes will be automatically dropped and a refund will be issued to their mailing address (on file on MyFresnoState).

Change in Fee Waiver Eligibility (submit form): If a student pays their program fees and later becomes eligible for a fee waiver, they can submit a refund request. 

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Early Start students may purchase Early Start parking passes for $20. Parking permits for the full Summer term cost $44. Day parking costs $3. See "Drop-Off/Parking" for more information. 

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Room & Board

Students are responsible for their own room and board arrangements during Early Start. The University Courtyard offers dorm spaces for $23 a night on a first-come, first-served basis. Dorm bookings must be for consecutive nights. Click here to visit their website.

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Supplies & Reading Materials

Students will receive a syllabus with detailed information on required course materials. Below are some estimates for each class:

Early Start English 1: Students will need to print reading materials and documents that will be made available online. Estimated cost for this course is $20 for supplies, copying, and printing.

Early Start Math 2: Students will need to purchase Early Start Mathematics, 3rd Edition by S. Delcroix. This booklet is available for purchase at the Kennel Boosktore on campus for $15.

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