Early Start parking permits will cost $20 and be available for purchase at the Fresno State Police Department before classes begin in 2018. The Fresno State Police Department is located on the Southeast corner of Barstow Avenue and Jackson Drive. Students must identify themselves as being part of the Early Start program when purchasing the permit.

The Early Start permit will be valid in student/visitor parking lots (marked with green signage) during all Early Start courses from June 18 to July 27. Early Start parking permits ARE NOT valid at any other time during the Summer or Fall terms. A permit for the full summer term is also available for purchase.

The permit must either be hung from the vehicle's rearview mirror or displayed prominently on the dashboard at all times when parked on campus.

Please pay attention to and obey all parking signage. Vehicles that are parked incorrectly are subject to a $50 citation. Questions or requests for special parking accommodations can be directed to Fresno State Traffic Operations at 559.278.2950.

The campus map (linked below) includes the Police Department and all student parking areas.

Campus Map:

Traffic Operations: