Course of Study

The online GIS Certificate of Advanced Study consists of 12-units of graduate level academic credit.  Successful completion of all four is required to earn the certificate. Courses must be take in sequence. The Certificate shall be issued upon successful completion of all coursework.

Fall Courses

EES 211: Fundamentals of GIS


Provides basic and advanced GIS concepts and techniques with special skills on spatial information management, analysis, interpretation, map generation and display using advanced GIS software packages. (3-units) 

EES 212: Geospatial Technologies


Focuses on remote sensing and global positioning systems. The data from these two
technologies provides key inputs to Geographic Information Systems. Remote sensing is obtaining information about an object without physical contact while GPS is used to collect the locations of objects or navigate to and/or from locations. (3-units)

NOTE: Counts toward the Master of Science in Water Resource Management.

Spring Courses

EES 214: Advanced Spatial Analysis


An advanced course that provides the knowledge and skills necessary to investigate the spatial patterns that result from social or physical processes. Concepts include measures of geographical distribution and spatial autocorrelation, regression analysis, network connectivity, interpolation and geostatistics, and surface and three-dimensional analysis. (3-units)

EES 216: GIS Practicum


The culminating experience for the Advanced Certificate in GIS. It consists of a project that utilizes fundamental concepts in geospatial analysis and conveys clear and meaningful connections between project identification, evidence, analysis and conclusions. (3-units)

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