Withdrawal/Program Change/Refund

NO REFUND IS MADE WITHOUT SUBMISSION OF PROGRAM CHANGE/REFUND FORM. Refunds are issued to the preference chosen through Higher One. Allow six weeks processing time. Form is available at: www.fresnostate.edu/cge/forms. See below for specific withdrawal details. Refund requests must be received by the Division of Continuing and Global Education by the dates listed below.

Semester-length Classes

With submission of Program Change/Refund form, a full refund will be granted for drops made no later than September 12. For drops between September 13 – 19, 65% of the fees are refundable. There are no refunds after September 19.

Short Term Workshops/Classes (4 or fewer class meetings) 

With submission of Program Change/Refund form prior to class start date, a full refund will be granted. No refund will be made after class start date.

Course Cancellations

If a course is cancelled by the University, all fees will be refunded; however, you must request the refund by submitting a Program Change/Refund Form at www.fresnostate.edu/cge/forms.

Dishonored Checks and Credit Card Discrepancies  

Writing a bad check is against the law. Bad checks and stopped payments on checks will result in a $20 processing charge. Bad checks, stopped payments on checks, do not constitute an official withdrawal nor relieve you of your financial obligation to the university.

Registration Holds

If there is a hold on your university account, you will not be permitted to enroll through Open University until all holds are cleared. (California Code, Title V Section 43281)