Student ID Cards – $5.00 per semester

ID cards are available to students enrolled in academic credit classes, not non-credit or CEU's.

  1. Confirm that the Continuing Global Education course registration is posted on your Student Center.
  2. Pay the $5.00 Student ID Card activation fee at any cashier window in the Joyal Building.
  3. Bring your receipt to the Bulldog Card Office in Joyal Room 156 to take your picture and obtain your CGE ID card.

Why get an ID card?

  • Check out privileges for library materials
  • Ability to load money on the card for printing and food purchase
  • Identification of student status in community
  • Use of Health Center with co-pay:
    Option of paying $15 co-pay at Health Center per visit
    Pay full semester co-pay of $113.00 at Cashier in Joyal Building and bring receipt to Health Center to be noted on Health Center account.

Please note: card is not valid for stateside student service, including access to the Student Recreation Center, laptop checkout or student campus discounts.