students walking on campus

About Our College

The College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) empowers students to LIVE WELL and take a whole person approach to improving the quality of life -mind, body and spirit - of the individual and community.

Faculty in CHHS work hard to ensure that the most up-to-date information, equipment and instruction are made available to students enrolled in Health and Human Services classes. Innovative approaches to field placements, interprofessional collaboration and internet-based communication and instruction are primary components of our curriculum.

Pride Points:

  • According to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, the students in our college make up 18% of the entire Fresno State student body
  • Our college offers two out of the three total doctoral programs on campus - Doctor of Physical Therapy and Doctor of Nursing Practice.
  • We award the most degrees of any other college at Fresno State
  • The number of service-learning hours and community service hours completed by our students is more than 27,850. 
  • Our college received $12.5 million in grants and contracts 
  • 70% of our incoming freshman are the first in their families to attend college